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Hi Nerdie Foodies, I know it’s been a while, thank you for being so patient over the past couple of weeks. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. This week on Nerdie Foodie, we’re exploring just a taste of what Colorado Springs has to offer! Let’s go!

Chef Jimmy’s Bistro (Denver Airport)

Okay, so this isn’t quite in Colorado Springs, but I must say, they came in clutch for me when I landed in Denver, tired and hungry! My waiter was quick and super cordial as I had time constraints to catch my shuttle to Colorado Springs. It only took about 15 minutes from ordering my food (a bacon chipotle burger with a side of house salad) to receiving my food. Chef Jimmy’s Bistro is definitely a spot I will go back to if I ever find myself at Denver’s International Airport again.

Ivywild School

Yep, you read that right. I went to school for some lunch fabulous lunch! This former (and historical, it was built in 1916) elementary school was turned into what I call is a community center. They have a bar section, a café area, bakery and a brewery, all while the décor of the space are reminders of what the building used to be, filled with artwork from what we assume are former students and teachers alike. But despite all that, the food was actually deliciously decadent. I mean, the grilled cheese (grilled cheese with what seems to be a tomato jam) with sweet potato waffle fries alone were worth it and the price for a meal here is totally affordable! Check them out here to see what’s hoppin’!

Over Easy: A Daytime Eatery

Only open for breakfast and lunch, this local chain has some legit breakfast food. All I have to say is stuffed French toast and award-winning biscuits and gravy. Light and fluffy meets stick-to-your-ribs good eats. All you need to know is come here early cuz they are busy and there’s usually a bit of a wait, but it is worth it. The pictures don’t do it justice. Head over to Over Easy and check out their goods.

Skirted Heifer

When you know THE red Camaro (aka. Guy Fieri) has made a visit, you know the food is bound to be legit. Skirted Heifer is one of those places here in Colorado Springs that has a line up out the door and onto the sidewalk by 6:30pm. And I’m told it’s like that practically every night. When you order your burger, get the extra cheese for the cheese skirt. The crispy cheese that oozes out when they cook it is so worth all the dang calories. If you don’t like raw onions, they can caramelize it for ya! And you can get your fries half and half if you can’t decide if you want the sweet yam fries or the skinny regular fries (which they call Belgium fries). And just get loads of Heifer sauce (it’s like Thousand Island dressing, but minus the actual pickle bits) This place is legit. Period.

3.14 Sweet & Savoury Pi Bar

How could I say no to pie? I don’t. I go full steam ahead and eat a slice. And I did exactly that at 3.14 Pi Bar. We came in for the pi and we left with just pie. A Nutella Italian Silk pie for moi and a Key Lime pie that tasted extra tart (yum!) for our Nerd sister, Bells. We took it to-go and ate both slices as we took in the view of the Garden of the Gods. Both pies tasted heavenly. Definitely check them out whenever you are in town!

La Baguette French Bistro

This place is just absolutely darling! A cute French eatery that has everything from croissants to fondue, escargot, pasta and perogies! They like to do some fusion cooking from Europe. I got the shrimp pasta and it was delicious! Not too heavy and just enough to make you full! It was a great meal to end my trip in Colorado Springs. And the décor was adorable with a more baroque-era feel to it. If you get the chance to check out La Baguette, do it.

And there you have it, five wonderful places where I was blown away by the food. Have you been to Colorado Springs? What are some of your favourite hangouts? Let us know in the comments below!

‘Til next time,

Stay nerdalicious!

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