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Welcome back to another week of Nerdie Foodie! Who has already seen the latest Disney Pixar movie Coco?? I haven’t yet, but it is on my list of must watch movies! The fact that this movie is about family, heritage and culture (and steeped in many centuries of traditions), this movie is right up my alley! Time to celebrate (albeit slightly late) Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Coco foodie style!


Sugar Skull Chocolate Covered Oreos

Crank up your regular Oreo cookies up a notch with colourful candy melts, sprinkles and sugar skull candies! Jessica (from Young at Heart Mommy) created this recipe when the movie The Book of Life (2014) but I think it would fit a Coco party just fine. Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Young at Heart Mommy)

Sugar Skull Fruit Pizza

A cool take on trying to eat healthy amongst all the baked goods and treats! Cesar Diaz (Growing Up Bilingual) shares with us a healthier sugar cookie recipe that is paired with a yogurt cream cheese frosting. Yum! Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Growing Up Bilingual)

Sugar Skull Empanadas

These are not your traditional empanadas. These are Coco inspired empanadas and they look really cute for a Coco party! Niccole (from The Creative Stay at Home Mom) shares with us her recipe here! In case you get lost in the directions, Niccole has a quick tutorial video embedded in the post to help you out.

(Photo Credit: The Creative Stay at Home Mom)

Sugar Skull Cupcakes

Who wouldn’t want to consume these? YouTuber Heidy Guzman (Mommy is a Chef) shares with us her recipe for homemade Devil’s Food cake cupcakes! These delicious beauties are topped with sugar skull candies. Check out the video tutorial below!


Guitar Cupcakes

If you’ve seen the trailer, you know that music is a huge part of the movie. The guitar toppers of these cupcakes are pretty much the miniature versions of the guitar in the movie! A recipe created by Devon (Midwestern Moms) and shared to the interwebs by Shelley and Jennifer (from A Magical Mess). Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: A Magical Mess)

Coco Krispy Treats

These rice krispy treats are definitely not square. They’re in the shape of a skull and decorated in colourful icing to create the sugar skull look! Christa (from Pura Vida Moms) shares with us her fun recipe here! And this one is definitely nerdling friendly.

(Photo Credit: Pura Vida Moms)

Pan de Muerto and Hot Chocolate

Straight from the vaults of Disney Family, check out these official Coco recipes that are traditional treats consumed during Día de los Muertos! Pan de Muertos is a traditional sweet roll/bread and if you haven’t tried Mexican hot chocolate, you have not lived! Check out both recipes here! And if you get stuck, check out the video here for some help!

(Photo Credit: Disney Family)

Day of the Dead Cake

Who wouldn’t love a sugar skull cake as the centre piece for your Coco party? Laura MacLean (from Party Delights) shares with us her decorating tips and tricks for creating a sugar skull out of a rectangular pan of sponge cake. Check out the step-by-step tutorial here!

(Photo Credit: Party Delights)

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

This cheesecake looks as decadent as its name. The people over at Young Chefs Academy has done a great job in keeping this recipe simple that even the nerdlings can try their hand at this recipe at home (with as needed parent/nerd supervision of course!). Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Young Chefs Academy)

Coco Cake

And finally, this cake is for the main character Miguel. YouTuber Vero (from Vero Sweet Hobby) shares with us her decorating techniques in making our cakes to look like Miguel! The tutorial is in Spanish, but there are English subtitles for those who need it. Check out this fun tutorial below!


And there you have it! 10 fun recipes to help you kickstart your very own Coco party! For more Día de los Muertos recipes, check out the Nerdie Foodie post from last year here!

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