Nerdie Foodie: Christmas Cookie Exchange II

Welcome to Part 2 of our Christmas Cookie Exchange! Who is ready for more fun cookie ideas? After last week’s batch, I sure am! Let’s see what we have in the basket today so we can get you prepared for this year’s holiday cookie exchange!

Star Wars Sweaters

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is finally here and just in time for the holidays! So, it’s only apropos that we have some Star Wars themed Christmas sweater cookies oh hand. Jenny Arzate from Red Car Baking Co. shows us how below in this time-lapse video!


League of Legends

Ro, from Nerdy Nummies, spices up the classic gingerbread men/women cookies by turning them into League of Legends wards! Check out the video below!


Assassin’s Creed

Ro also shares with us her recipe for macaroons, Assassin’s Creed style! Not to be confused with the macaron (<- note there is only one “o”), the macaroon is coconut based. Check out these fun bales of hay cookies below!



Watch out where you step with these cookies…the reindeer are soon to be in town. Jamie from Life is Sweeter by Design, shares with us on how to make our very own reindeer poop cookies! Yes, poop cookies. Check out these cookies here! And make sure Santa does not get a batch of these cookies on Christmas Eve.

(Photo Credit: Life is Sweeter by Design)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

And finally, for those whom are expecting the Grinch paying a visit to your Whoville home, don’t fret! Brittanie, from Simplistically Living, shares with us her Grinch cookies recipe! Check it out here! And bonus, she even has a punch recipe right below the cookie recipe to satisfy the Grinch in your home and hopefully it will help make his heart grow 3 times larger by Christmas Day!

(Photo Credit: Simplistically Living)

And there we go! Hope these cookie recipes will give you some new recipes to try out for this year’s holiday cookie exchange! Good luck and enjoy the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen this winter!

Happy holidays and stay nerdalicious!

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