Nerdie Foodie: Christmas Carbs Edition

Welcome to another Foodie posting! This one is going to be slightly different since the theme for this week is “what Christmas means to us” here at NC headquarters. My favourite childhood Christmas memories revolve around the annual family Christmas dinner. The Christmas meal is what brings family together, to spend time together and create memories worth keeping for years to come. My favourite part of the meal is the dessert (and snacks!).  As some of you may know from the very first Foodie Friday post, I love to bake. So I thought what a better way to bring back fond Christmas memories by taking a look at the different Christmas desserts from around the world (well a few places from around the world, otherwise I would be 1000 pounds  heavier and we’d be here all day and night!). Let’s go!

Bûche de Nöel

This is the yule log dessert from France. Laura E. Vein (from Sweet Treats) shows us how to make one with decorative meringue mushrooms! Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Sweet Treats)


A special bread originating from Milan, Italy, panettone is eaten during the Christmas holiday. YouTuber Laura Vitale (from Laura in the Kitchen) shows us how to make this Italian traditional Christmas delicacy below! Note: This recipe requires a lot of patience and time, but it does not require any skewering of the panettone. For all the measurements, check it out here!


Weihnachtsstollen or Christstollen

A German Christmas bread that is on the sweeter side, Ginger (from Ginger & Bread) shares with us her recipe for Christmas Stollen made with marzipan and quark filling here!

(Photo Credit: Ginger & Bread)

Christmas Plum Pudding (aka. Figgy Pudding)

This Irish/English Christmas delicacy is shared with us by the one and only Nigella Lawson! Love her style of cooking! Check out her recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Nigella Lawson)


Pepparkakor is the Swedish gingerbread cookie. Duane (from Cottage in the Oaks) shares with us Pippi Longstocking’s pepparkakor cookie recipe here! Who can’t forget that bright red head kid with a pet monkey and horse?

(Photo Credit: Cottage in the Oaks)


Speculaas or Speculoos (whichever way you spell and pronounce it) are Dutch Christmas cookies (the rolling pin looks really cool in this article!). Irvin Lin (from Eat the Love) shares with us his recipe and how-to here! (Side note: You’ll need to scroll towards the bottom of his post to find the recipe)

(Photo Credit: Eat the Love)

Turrón de Navidad

This Spanish almond and honey candy is a traditional Spanish Christmas treat! Diana Bauman (from Nourished Kitchen) shows us her recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Nourished Kitchen)


This Christmas dessert is a sweet custard from Colombia. Erica Dinho (from My Colombian Recipes) shares with us her grandmother’s natilla recipe here!

(Photo Credit: My Colombian Recipes)

Now all you are missing is hot cocoa!

Stay nerdalicious!

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