Nerdie Foodie: Cheers to Austin, Texas

Ready for Part 2 of our Austin, Texas adventures? We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check out a few spots that serve adult beverages along with some classic foods to pig out in for dinner. Let’s go check them out!

Easy Tiger Bake Shop & Beer Garden

We decided to check out the infamous 6th Street after we had finished checking out The Escape Game Austin (which by the way had very well-thought-out rooms, check them out here), and Easy Tiger was on our list of stops! It was a great place to sit down, chill and have a snack after using up all our brainpower. It is also a place where you can order a whole loaf of bread and it pairs well with the cheese selection from Antonelli’s cheese plate! We went crazy for their housemade sausages – we ordered the kielbasa, classic bratwurst, green chili hotlink and the Cajun chicken and the housemade potato chips – they’re so well seasoned, you cannot resist just eating one chip! Check them out here!

Pinthouse Pizza

This. Place. Is. Packed. It took our group quite a long time to find tables that had enough space for all of us as they mainly have communal-style seating. In the end, we had to break up into 3 groups. But we shortly found out why this place is worth the wait. Their pies and pizza rolls are delicious, the flavours balance each other beautifully (even the fancy pies), and they have have the cheese pull! It’s probably best to come here in smaller groups so that you can have an easier time finding space to sit. Check them out here!

Family Business Beer Co.

Even though none of us NC ladies did a beer tasting here, the majority of our nerd family did. This spot was another must stop for us as some of the nerd fam are huge Supernatural fans, as the owners of this brewery are none other than Daneel and Jensen Ackles! This place is huge yet it still feels very homey, welcoming, and pet and kid-friendly. They have a space for live music, a fenced-in playground for the kids, as well as tables on the porch and picnic benches in the backyard. The trees are decked out with white twinkle lights and large tea-like lights are strung between tree to tree. They even have a beanbag toss game setup available for the big kids and a barbeque smoker out back that weekend from Just Like Mama’s Soul Food food truck! We had a great time and to food was finger-licking good! Super creamy mac n’ cheese – on point! Check out the brewery here!

Revolution Spirits

As a fan of the classic gin and tonic, this Nerdie Foodie had to try the complimentary gin tasting at the distillery. You get to try 4 different gins of varying alcoholic proofs, starting with the strongest and working your way down to the least strong proof. Our server started us off with the classic gin: Austin Reserve Gin, with lavender and strong juniper finish. The second gin (Amico Amaro) is more like an aperitif and is usually used in a spritz. This one tasted like medicine and was not a favourite amongst us. The first two tasters were way too strong and bitter for this Nerdie Foodie. The third gin taster (Cafecito) was infused with coffee and tasted like a spiked double roasted black coffee. And the final gin (Chocolate Cafecito) was the same coffee flavoured third bottle, only with the addition of dark chocolate cacao. This was by far my favourite flavour out of all four and the other tasters in our group all agreed that the third and fourth gins were our favourites. After the tasting, you could purchase their gin-based drinks from their bar. The White Russian was delicious and reminded me of an iced latte with reduced sweetness. Delicious!

They also had three different types of flavoured sparkling waters from Big Swig (a local company) that comes with a kick! The pineapple/jalapeno combo was the one I tried, but the mango and chili flavour was the best out of the three. Check out Revolution Spirits here!


A huge thank you to the manager at Pappdeaux’s for sorting out the mix up with our group’s reservation. We ended up being seated in the banquet room after waiting around an hour for our lost reservation to be sorted out on the restaurant’s end. A massive thank you and shoutout goes to our server for the night, Dyamond, for taking care of us. It is not easy to keep track of 23 people. We know, we’ve been trying all weekend with roll calls! We had a great time and the food portions were massive, we definitely recommend sharing. Everything was flavourful and most of our plates were just barely scraped clean! Our favourite dish: the étouffée. Check them out here!

Have you visited any of these spots before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Stay tuned for the final part of this Austin, Texas series and if you missed Part 1, you can read it here!

Stay Nerdalicious!

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