Nerdie Foodie: Boston Foodventures

This past week, Rach and Roni came back from a nerdventure in Boston! They smelled the books, saw the shows, took in the sights and ate all the food. And so, for this week’s Nerdie Foodie, I am letting take over Nerdie Foodie as they share the culinary delights of Boston with us. Take it away Rach and Roni!

Thanks, Jen! Greetings, Curious Crowd and welcome to the Boston edition of Nerdie Foodie. Not sure how Jen takes photos before eating because half the time, Roni and I were ready to dig in before quickly remember we need to document all the foods. We be hungry.

New York Pizza

When you’ve had to deal with multiple delayed flights, all you want is pizza. Pizza the size of your face.


Grubbing with some black bean sliders and a pineapple cider. Cheers!

Thinking Cup

This was our brunch spot. Bonus points for saving us from the crazy rain storm before Moulin Rouge. Extra bonus points for the smoked salmon bagel and almond croissant. Pro-tip, always find a go to coffee shop when traveling. It will serve you well.

Cafe 26

Brunch place number 2! This trip consisted of a lot of brunch. Don’t mind us.

The Friendly Toast

Retro diner vibes and delicious food. Caramelized pineapple French toast is a thing and we are so happy about that. What more can you ask for? Also any establishment that has sriracha on the table is winning.

Genki Ya

Before gearing up for a night with Pooh and his friends, we had to deal with the rumbly in our tumblies for sushi.

Ye Olde Union Oyster House

Okay, I need to calm myself because even just thinking about the clam chowder here makes me weep with joy. This clam chowder was life changing. I don’t care how extra that sounds. It was magical. We cannot recommend this place enough. They even have a gift shop attached, where Rach promptly become a crab.

Trattoria Il Panino

Just like Ye Olde Union Oyster House’s clam chowder, this lobster ravioli was life. Don’t get us started on the tiramisu either.


On our quest following the Freedom Trail, we stopped in at Clover for a much needed refreshing watermelon aqua and soda.

L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates

When you read a sign that says “Iced Drinking Chocolate”, you must enter. Holy chocolate heaven!


Our final meal in Boston together by the harbour. Mushroom truffle tortellini. Enough said.


No, we didn’t eat at Chipotle. We were actually looking for the historical bookstore that was supposed to be here. Instead it’s now a Chipotle. So much disappointmnet. Boo. ?

Thank you Boston for such a wonderful nerdventure. Roni and I cannot wait to return!

‘Til next time,

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