Nerdie Foodie: Bloody Vampire Treats

Hi Nerdie Foodies! Who is ready for round 3 of all-things Halloween? We sure are! This week is all about vampires. What is more Halloween than blood thirsty recipes? Fair warning, these recipes don’t contain real blood, but some of them do look fairly realistic, so continue at your own risk. You have been warned.

Vampire Brownies

Starting off with something tame and actually kinda cute. I would call this nerdling friendly. Cheryl (from Tidy Mom) shares with us her recipe for Vampire Brownies! You can’t go wrong with the flavour combination of mint and chocolate. Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Tidy Mom)

Vampire Pretzels

Vampires need to snack as well right? These glitzy pretzels are sure to draw their attention! Sheryl (The Lady Behind the Curtain) shares with us her pretzel making skills in making this sweet and salty treat! You can find the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: The Lady Behind the Curtain)

Dracula’s Dentures

Of course, we have to look after the elderly as well. And we know Dracula is thousands of years old. The following recipe was created by Lori Fillmore and shared by Christy Denney (The Girl Who Ate Everything). You can find this fun and creative recipe here!

(Photo Credit: The Girl Who Ate Everything)

Vampire Bite Cupcakes

Vampires would have a sweet tooth as well right? If they do, this recipe would be for them! These cupcakes have a hint of something more. Mary Ellen (V Nutrition and Wellness) shares with us her recipe here! But I think a vampire (or vampires) may have done some sampling of this batch…

(Photo Credit: V Nutrition and Wellness)

Vampire Poke Cake

Who poked into this cake? I know it’s one of the vampires hanging out in the back there! Keri (from Shaken Together) shares with us this delicious cherry and vanilla cake! Check out her recipe here! I hope she had better luck in keeping the vampires away from this one.

(Photo Credit: Shaken Together)

Vampire Kiss Cupcakes

This one requires forewarning. The blood clots look creepily disgusting, yet you can’t help but want to try your hand at making this recipe thanks to Nicki Star Tip (guest star of The Scran Line)! Check out this spookily bloody cupcake below!


Apple Pie Milkshakes

Ready for the weekend? Why not try a vampire’s version of the apple pie milkshake? Nothing better than mixing two old classics together – apple pie and milkshakes. The Seaside Baker shares with us her recipe here! And yes, there are real apples in this recipe!

(Photo Credit: The Seaside Baker)

Bloody Good Milkshake Shots

If apple pies are not your thing, why not try this strawberry milkshake with chocolate sauce in a shot glass instead? Very chic drink for the modern vampire. Paula Biggs (Frog Prince Paperie) shares with us her recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Frog Prince Paperie)

Blood Clot Shots

Why not try these gruesome shots? Mixed with a bit of Jack Daniels, hard apple cider and a bit of food colouring (aka. the blood), toss back a shot or two of this “protein enriched” drink. Check out the recipe by This Worthey Life’s D. Durand Worthey here!

(Photo Credit: This Worthey Life)

Vampire’s Kiss Cocktail

And finally, finish off the meal with a glass of this cocktail, the Vampire’s Kiss. Katherine (from Wander Spice) has come up with a recipe that sounds divine and to help one relax during a busy party. Check out this mysterious cocktail recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Wander Spice)

How bloody spooky are these treats? If there are more out there or you have tried your hand at some of these recipes, feel free to share it with us in the comments below!

‘Til next time,

Stay spookalicious!

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