Nerdie Foodie: Black Panther

Nerdie Foodies! Are we ready for the premiere of Black Panther?


With only a little over a week to go, here are a few treat ideas to help you get in the zone!


Oreo Cookies

These are no ordinary Oreo cookies. They are chocolate covered Oreo cookies and then decorated to look like Black Panther’s mask! Genius! Kat (from Kat Balog) shares with us on how to create these fun cookies here!

(Photo Credit: Kat Balog)

Chocolate Cookies (Vegan)

A great recipe for those whom are diabetic and want to appease that sweet tooth! This recipe is from YouTuber Alain (The Glucose Chef). It is also vegan friendly, or for those who want to eat cleaner but still stay true to their nerdy roots. Check out the recipe in the video below!



Mask Cake

If you want to challenge yourself a bit, why not try to replicate Black Panther’s mask in cake form? That is exactly what YouTuber Myra Vitela did. She shows us how we can replicate the same cake in the video below! Great job Myra!


Alcoholic Drinks


For some extra liquid courage, the Tipsy Bartender has created the Black Panther shot! A slightly strong drink, but still aesthetically beautiful. Check out the recipe here and please, drink responsibly.

(Photo Credit: The Tipsy Bartender)

Ice Cream

Custom Made Cone

If you are ever in New York City, try to venture into Ice & Vice. It’s the ice cream store that has unique flavour combinations and is the home of the Black Panther ice cream cone. The cone looks insanely badass. Even I’m not sure how you can recreate this particular cone at home. But if you know how to make ice cream at home, then maybe give it a whirl and let us know! Check out the ice cream components in the video below!


Check out the latest Marvel movie installment that is Black Panther which is in theatres on February 16th!

Stay nerdalicious!

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