Nerdie Foodie: Autumn Soups

With Autumn in full swing, and the leaves are in colourful shades of yellows, oranges, and reds, there’s nothing better than to bring out all the warm, comforting soup recipes. In this post, it’s all about keeping our bellies full and warm! Here are five inspired recipes to keep your tummies satisfied. Let’s go!

Cinderella’s Pumpkin Soup

Take that traditional pumpkin soup and kick it up a notch by giving it some spice and a touch of heat! Olivia Mesquita (from Olivia’s Cuisine) takes this classic soup and gives it a modern twist. Check out her recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Olivia’s Cuisine)

King Stephan’s Banquet Hall’s Beef and Barley Soup and Fried Brie Cheese

How could I not add in this official D23 recipe into the mix? Beef and barley soup is great and all, as it is both delicious, hearty and healthy. But let’s be real, we all know that I’m here for the carbs and cheese – in this case of the fried brie variety! Check out both recipes from D23 here!

(Photo Credit: D23)

Pride and Prejudice’s White Soup

Moving from the medieval times of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, we’re headed to the Regency era of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice with this next soup! Fellow Canadian, Bryt Taylor (from In Literature), does a fantastic job in her research on this soup recipe. Check it out here!

(Photo Credit: In Literature)

Rapunzel’s Hazelnut Parsnip Soup

This is not the first time I’ve featured Rapunzel’s favourite soup on Nerdie Foodie. I love seeing different variations of it and could not resist adding this recipe from professional chef, Tiffany, from Parsnips + Pastries! Check out her delicious version here!

(Photo Credit: Parsnips + Pastries)

Gommu’s Hobo Soup

A hearty, homemade chicken noodle soup by Felicia (from The Starving Chef) that is inspired by The Legend of Korra! Gommu may have had to resort to some desperate measures to find ingredients for his soup, but in reality, please use fresher ingredients from the fridge, freezer, and/or grocery store. Check out the recipe here! This one is sure to keep your bellies full!

(Photo Credit: The Starving Chef)

And there you have it! Five different soups that will keep you warm and cozy as we are in the thick of cold Autumn weather! Have you tried any of these soup recipes? Let us know in the comments!

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Stay Nerdalicious!

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