Nerdie Foodie: Austin, Texas Casual Fare

Hello Nerdie Foodies! We finally have some downtime to talk about all the foodie things from our whirlwind weekend where 23 nerds descended upon Austin, Texas for what we like to call Corgicon 2020, thanks to our friend @CorgiKohmander’s birthday weekend. We’re here to break it all down. First up, the casual fare!

Dai Due Taqueria

Located in the Fareground food hall, this taqueria is one of the locations for the Dai Due Butchershop & Supper Club. This farm-to-table eatery serves a few Mexican staples like tacos, burritos, and flautas! We decided to get the Wild Boar al Pastor and the Gulf Shrimp & Wild Boar Chorizo tacos. These small, hand-held tacos pack a punch with the wild boar meat being beautifully seasoned and cooked as the main filling. It’s the perfect size as a small meal or snack if you’re not too hungry or want something to tide you over before your main meal! Check out all of their locations here!

Torchy’s Tacos

An all taco joint, this place has amazing, delicious breakfast tacos! We all ordered our tacos on a 6” flour tortilla shell and piled high with ingredients. The tomatillo sauce that comes on the side has a bit of a kick to it but doesn’t overpower the natural flavours of the taco filling. We had the migas, monk special, and the chorizo, egg and cheese classic tacos. They may look small but they were totally filling. We would definitely come back to try their lunch tacos trashy style (aka. queso) and don’t forget to check out their taco of the month where part of the proceeds goes to one of their charity partners! This is definitely a place where you should come hungry. Check out their website here!

Topgolf Austin

Golfing? What does that have to do with food? Everything. Our group decided to try out the party package at Topgolf which included 2 hours of golfing for up to 16 people and anything from their restaurant and bar menus with a minimum of $200 USD. Can we say, the drinks were delicious – mimosas anyone? Shout-out to whomever our bartender was for mixing the perfect amount of alcohol and filler for our cocktails! The food itself was actually really good! They have a brunch selection, along with healthier meal options and regular bar appetizers that have been leveled up. It was so good; we even ordered a second round of their fancy loaded nachos! If you have a large group, this place definitely can accommodate and we had a great time here. Check out their website here!

Jack Allen’s Kitchen 360

A restaurant with a ton of food that all look and smell mouth-watering. If you love brunch, this is the place for you. They have a varied selection of regular brunch options like eggs (any way you want them), omelet, and silver dollar pancakes – all which have to be ordered through your server, as well as everything from Tex-Mex, pastries, and Southern comfort food. The day we went, they were featuring regular sized Round Rock donuts (check out their locations here) – drooling. We had a wonderful time here and were stuffed to our eyeballs with delicious food. Check them out here!

La Pâtisserie

We stumbled upon this gem after checking out the “Greetings from Austin” mural that was next door. Wanting to get out of the heat, we filed into this macaron and pastry boutique and quickly took over the entire main dining area which only had around four tables. Shoutout to our server/cashier and the owner of the shop for being so gracious and accommodating for our nerd clan for invading their small shop! This place is a must-visit. Period. Their macarons are amazing. If you’ve been following Nerdie Foodie from the very beginning, then you’ll know that macarons are Jen’s jam. Finding a shop that makes macarons not so overly sweet, with a soft crisp outer shell and soft, not-so-chewy shell center is hard. So, I was skeptical at first to try the macs. Our fearless leader, Roni and I shared a box of four and boy, were we blown away! This is by far my favourite place for macs and it’s in Austin, Texas. What’s even better is that they’re eco-conscious. The straws for their drinks are super unique in the fact that they as strong as plastic but doesn’t disintegrate while you sip on your drink. These are agave straws, made from agave leaves. They’re a genius idea and we are here for it! Check them out here!

Keep your eyes peeled for more from our Austin nerdventures!

Stay Nerdalicious!

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