Nerdie Foodie: Angry Birds Edition

Welcome back Nerdie Foodies! Who here has played or became obsessed with the game Angry Birds when it came out? I must admit, I never played the game so I never got addicted to it like most of the world. But I must say when I saw the trailer for the new Angry Birds movie, I really liked it.

So to celebrate it’s premiere (May 20, 2016) we are going to the land of the Angry Birds. Let’s go!


Nothing says good morning like an Angry Bird pancake! Team Tiger Tomato (Facebook, Twitter) are at it again with these two Angry Birds (Red and Yellow). Check out how to create both birds in the videos below!


Else Strachan from My Cupcake Addiction (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) shows us how to make Angry Birds in cakepop form! She shows us how to make the red and blue Angry Birds in the first video and the yellow bird and the pig in the second video. Check out both how-to videos below!


This cheese and crackers appy/snack from Nerdy Nummies (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) is totally for the kids from 1-99! Yes, I’m definitely including myself in this category! Check it out below!


You can’t have an Angry Birds party without some cookies! Haniela (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) shows us how in this two-parter video! Check out both videos below!


Nerdie Nummies also shows us how to how to Angry Bird-ize your ordinary cupcakes into Bird-tastic cupcakes! Check out the video below!

HooplaKidz (Facebook, Twitter) also show us how to make their version of the Angry Bird cupcakes! Check out their video below!


And you can’t go wrong with having an Angry Birds pizza! Check out the Nerdy Nummies version in the video below!

Bento Boxes

And if you have the artistic flair, Okaeri Recipe Channel (Facebook, Twitter) shows us how. It is truly adorable! Check out the video below!


Now even though Peeps are more of an Easter thing, these Angry Bird versions are just too cute to pass up! The Official Hungry (Facebook, Twitter) shows us how to make our own Angry Birds Peeps in the video below. Check it out!


And of course, what’s a Peep (of the Angry Birds variety) without a home? Hobby Food TV shows us how to make these creative (and edible) nests in the video below! Check it out!


And finally, what’s a celebration without cake? Cakes by ChoppA (Facebook, Twitter) shows us how to make the Yellow bird into cake form. Check out the how-to video below!

And there you have it folks! Angry Birds (foodie style) for all ages!

Til next time,

Stay nerdalicious!


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