Nerdie Foodie: Aladdin

Make way Nerdie Foodies for Prince Ali and the cast of Disney’s live-action Aladdin! That’s right! The movie is premiering tomorrow and do we have some fun recipes to get you ready for a trip to Agrabah! Let’s go!

Aladdin’s Apple Bread

What are the two items that Aladdin steals? Did you guess a loaf of bread and an apple? Excellent! Why not combine these two ingredients into one – apple bread. This creative and gorgeous loaf of delicious carbs was created by Jasmin Villafuerte (from Gourmandize). Check out her ingenious recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Jasmin Villafuerte/Gourmandize)

Magic Carpet Flatbread Pizza

Are there any pizza lovers out there? Why not try something a little bit fancier like a flatbread? This recipe from Disney Family even has a bit of Middle Eastern flavour with figs, raisins and hummus! Check out this beautiful recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Disney Family)

Easy Beef Kofta

This recipe looks delicious! Who doesn’t love a good skewer during the summer months? Best of all, it is a great way to introduce the nerdlings to different tastes and flavours from different cultures. Jenni (from The Gingered Whisk) prefaces this recipe as not 100% authentic. It was designed for kids to help you make these wonderful treats. Check out the recipe here!

Chicken Madfoun with Vermicelli and Almonds

Also known as seffa medfouna (medfouna = buried), this Moroccan dish is very flavourful. Shelby Chambers (from Disney Family) gives us a taste of this beautiful dish.  The meat would normally be covered in a mound of rice, couscous or vermicelli, but Shelby has given it a Western twist and placed the chicken on top of the mound of vermicelli. Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Disney Family)

If you would like to check out a traditional recipe, check out Alia’s (from Cooking With Alia) recipe here and the video tutorial below!


Moroccan Lemon Mint Tea Spritzer

This beautiful drink has many refreshing elements to it that would definitely accompany any one of these dishes beautifully. Vanessa (from See Vanessa Craft) shares with us this delicious recipe and keep us in Morocco. Check it out here!

(Photo Credit: See Vanessa Craft)

So how did you enjoy this trip to Agrabah and its neighbouring countries? Let us know in the comments below or on social media what you’d like to see next on Nerdie Foodie!

‘Til next time,

Stay Nerdalicious!

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  1. What a fun menu to celebrate Aladdin! I can’t wait to see this new movie and enjoy all these fun treats that go along with it!

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