Nerdie Foodie: ACE Seattle 2019

What a whirlwind of a weekend that was ACE Comic Con Seattle Nerdie Foodies! There is nothing like going to a city where you’ve been to multiple times and still have new eateries to check out. And we definitely got to check out a couple new eating spots (at least new to us) and visited some tried and true places – aside from our usual pitstop at Trader Joe’s to stock up on snacks and lunches for the weekend.

Obligatory Trader Joe’s photo.

These are all the restaurants we went to while attending the con. Let’s go!

The Cheesecake Factory

Nothing says “Welcome to Seattle” than a slice of cheesecake and drinks at The Cheesecake Factory. Since Seattle’s location is the closest for us here in Vancouver, this place is a “must try to visit” every time we head down to Seattle! Check out their full menu and locations here!

Jimmy’s on First

This place was a first for us. We wanted to go somewhere close to the WaMu theatre that was a sit-down but still had quick service. Jimmy’s on First did not disappoint. From their hunger-quenching appies to their fully-loaded burgers, we left this place with a full belly before hitting up the first day of con! Check out their full menu here!

Dough Zone

This Nerdie Foodie is always reluctant to try Asian places outside of Vancouver. We are so spoiled here with such a large Asian population. However, we made an exception on this trip. This place is located in the International District in Seattle and there were a lot of rave reviews online. We decided to give this spot a try since it was within walking distance from our home away from home. Boy, was this place hopping! You know it’s legit when you have everyone young and old (even the Asian grandmas were there) lining up waiting for an hour to get it. The congee was interesting (we’ve never had cornmeal congee before) but it wasn’t bad in taste nor texture. The dumplings and bao were truly legit. You gotta check this place out if you’re ever in town. The line up was worth it and they also do take-out. Check them out here!

They have just opened a 2nd location in Downtown Seattle this past Monday on 9th and Pine. Congrats Dough Zone! Check them out during their soft opening!

Fogón Cocina Mexicana Cantina

How can you say no to Mexican food? Especially good Mexican food. Not this Nerdie Foodie. We decided to venture out to Capitol Hill and check out Fogón as it was recommended by a friend who is a local of Seattle. We got in just in time for their Happy Hour. The music was hopping, the drinks were flowing and we ordered a bunch of appies to share. What a better way to end the trip with some delicious Mexican food where everything is handmade. They even have an abuela (grandmother) near the door of the cantina making all the tortillas by hand. There’s something about fresh, handmade food that warms the soul. They were also handing out free sopitos to all patrons inside the cantina while we were there during Happy Hour. All in all, a great meal with tons of food leftover. Just note that they do charge for takeout boxes if you want to take your leftover food home during Happy Hour times. Check out their menu here!

If you’re even in Seattle, check out these spots! Are there any other places y’all think we should visit if we’re ever in town? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!

Stay Nerdalicious!

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