Nerdie Foodie: ACE Con Seattle Eats

Nerdie Foodies! We are back from our latest Seattle, WA nerdventure – ACE Comic Con! We had a great time eating our way around the Seattle area while attending this new con (they’ve only had 2 other conventions aside from Seattle). Let’s take a look at the different places we went to!

Japonessa Sushi Concina

Our first night in Seattle, we were meeting up with a friend for dinner and she decided on Japonessa (in Bellevue), a Japanese fusion restaurant that was open late at night for a quick bite to eat! We ordered a bunch of different things to sample a little bit of everything. Both rolls that we ordered were more of a fusion and the flavours worked really well together for each one. The dish that really stood out for me was the deep-fried cheese with a pot of jam for dipping. The cheese was fried like it were agedashi tofu!

WaMu Theatre

When you have a busy day at the con, you don’t have time to go out to eat and come back. That was what happened to us on Day 2. We had a full day of panels and photo-ops and not a whole lot of time in between each event. So, we decided to just eat at the convention center since it made the most sense to not leave the con during the day. The concession area was massive. Two counters for food and one counter was for Starbucks. We headed straight to the food section of the concession area and ordered a turkey wrap and a side of fries, all for $12! It filled our bellies and they even offered you an array of Heinz condiments from your usual ketchup, mustard and relish, to barbeque sauce and ranch dressing! We decided to just get the barbeque and ketchup to dip our fries in. Overall, it wasn’t too bad. Granted the food wasn’t super special, but it did fuel us to keep going until dinner time.

Casco Antiguo

This place is just…you have to come here. If you’re ever in a pinch for awesome food, Casco Antiguo will now be my go-to place in Pioneer Square. You know they have legit Mexican food when you see all the cooks and helpers in the kitchen are Mexican. Rach has even said it is the best pastor she has ever tasted. Each dish we sampled (tacos and taquitos) was Off. The. Hook. Good. And the best part, it came in what my mama calls Westcoast portion sizes: not too big and not too small. Even though we didn’t drink that night, they have an impressive list of agave-based drinks for all you tequila, mezcal, and raicilla lovers out there. Oh, and make sure you leave room for dessert – flan and churros.

The London Plane

A unique spot that we decided to just try since it looked like a lively place and we were too hungry to make it back to the car to drop off some merch we had bought the morning of Day 3. This unique and nifty place is a café, bakery and flower shop all rolled into one! The food was delicious! Rach went with the biscuit and salmon benny, while I decided to try the daily special: baked eggs. All the dishes were super filling and lasted us all afternoon until dinner time.

The New Mexicans

Again, another hands down awesome joint thanks to the Westcoast half of The Nerd Fu. We met up with Sully and Melissa for dinner before heading back up north to Vancouver. We let them suggest the restaurant since they know the area better than we do, and we ended up at this Mexican restaurant. What more can you want with great food and great people? And not gonna lie, that dessert thing at the end of our meal was just….mmm! Nothing like carbs for dessert! The portions here are large, so know that when you come here, you are leaving with a full stomach and you might have to be rolled to your car and/or destination. And what’s even better is that this place is family owned and run. You can’t beat good, home-cooking.

And there you have it, all the places we were able to hit up during our short weekend trip to Seattle and Ace Comic Con. If you ever have the chance to visit the area, definitely check out all these places if you can. You won’t be disappointed. Oh, and Sundays, they’re now Groot t-shirt days – we’re starting a trend.

(Photo Credit: Sully)

‘Til next time,

Stay nerdalicious!

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