Nerdie Foodie: A Harry Potter Winter Candyland

What is a winter holiday celebration without a candy table or snacks to munch on while we wait for the main meal to be finished cooking and make its entrance to the table? We would be starving if we didn’t have something to tide us over. Let’s go check out the candyland treats in this week’s installment of A Harry Potter Winter!

Butterbeer Pretzel Wands

A sparkly treat that will have your mind swirling with the mix of sweet and salty in one bite! Geeks Who Eat shares with us their creation of butterbeer pretzel wands and you too will be delighted in this flavourful combination. Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Geeks Who Eat)

Peppermint Humbugs

Refreshingly sweet, these peppermint humbugs could be easily obtained at Honeydukes. However, since we’re all about creating our own treats, why not check out Bryt Taylor’s (from In Literature) version? This is a simple recipe with very little ingredients, so it should be a snap to make even without Mrs. Weasley’s help. Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: In Literature)

Exploding BonBons

Another treat that can be bought at Honeydukes are exploding bonbons. They should cause any major injuries when consumed. Adelle Belnap (from Get Away Today) shares with us her homemade recipe for exploding bonbons should you run out of time to get to Hogsmeade this winter season! Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Adelle Belnap/Get Away Today)

Pumpkin Churros

A bite-sized friendly snack that could be whipped up earlier in the day, so that it could be snacked on while you’re cooking the main meal! Adelle Belnap shares with us another wonderful recipe for these wintery pumpkin churros with a cream cheese frosting! Check out her recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Adelle Belnap/Get Away Today)

Butterbeer Macarons

I love a good mac, so I couldn’t resist in adding this recipe to the candyland table! Making your own macarons might seem daunting, but with a little practice they will become quite easy to make. Chantel (from Nerdy Mamma) shares with us her butterbeer macaron recipe! They look scrumptious if I do say so myself! This one is definitely for those with a serious sweet tooth. Check out the recipe here!

(Photo Credit: Nerdy Mamma)

This candyland treats spread has covered a wide range of sweets. We hope you found something you like to munch on during this winter season! If you missed the previous two posts, you can check out part 1 here and part 2 here. Stay tuned for our final installment of the series, A Harry Potter Winter!

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