Nerdie Foodie: 25 Years of The Lion King

Welcome back Nerdie Foodies to the Circle of Life. Can you feel the love tonight (I bet you were humming that in your head!) as we celebrate 25 years of the animated film, The Lion King? We sure can! Let’s go check out some of the delicious grub!

Timon’s Pecan Pesto Grubs

A way to start the party is to have something that sticks to your ribs! You can’t go wrong with potato gnocchi, pecans and a creamy pesto sauce! Timon would approve of this recipe from Geeks Who Eat. Check out the recipe here!

Photo Credit: Geeks Who Eat

Oh I Just Can’t Wait to Eat Wings

How can you not love the title of this next recipe?? A simple dish that is the chicken wing can take on many flavours. These wings are elevated with some African flavourings. Georgina (from Life is a Cabernet) shares with us this spicy chicken wing recipe that you can check out here!

Photo Credit: Life is a Cabernet

Timon’s Grubs and Dirt Dessert

You can’t go wrong with another recipe from Timon’s kitchen. This time, dessert! This super simple recipe has been transcribed so that it could be consumed by humans thanks to Mel (from Peace of Mel) and looks so life like! Check out this completely homemade recipe here!

Photo Credit: Peace of Mel

Simba’s Sunrise Punch

There’s no doubt you’ll probably want to wash everything down with something to drink. This punch by Krystyn (from Really, Are You Serious?) is one for the entire family to enjoy! But if you do like to make a boozy version, why not try adding in a splash of rum? You can check out the full recipe here!

Photo Credit: Really, Are You Serious?

The Lion King Cupcake Cake

And finally, nothing says Happy Birthday than a cake that’s made entirely out of cupcakes! Disney Family shares with us this super creative recipe. How are your free-hand drawing skills? Needs work like mine? Not to worry, just make sure you’ve made a big batch of your favourite buttercream frosting for all the colours! Check out the recipe here!

PS: They even have a fast tutorial video in the post on how to make this fun cake!

Photo Credit: Disney Family

And there we have it! Five wonderful, funky and fun recipes to help you celebrate 25 years of The Lion King!

Stay Nerdalicious!

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