Nerdcessities: The Leather City’s Black Widow Jacket

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Today is a special day Curious Crowd! A while back The Leather City reached out and asked us if we would like to check out one of their superhero jackets. We said yes and the jacket has finally arrived! We chose the Black Widow jacket from her highly anticipated solo film! Let’s check out every aspect!

The Jacket: Breaking it Down

The gold wristlets and backpack denote the newest Black Widow solo movie as seen in the released poster.

black widow

Official Marvel Studios Poster

The belt and backpack both come pre-filled with a polyester batting-type filling. The batting in the belt pouches is removable. However, the filling in the backpack is not, as you can see through the two holes at the top of the backpack.

(Photo Credit: Nerdy Curiosities)

The exterior of the jacket is comprised of a lightweight fleece, ‘finished sheepskin leather’ with silver trim. The belt is sewn to the hem of the jacket. The interior of the jacket is lined with a polyester lining. It has a fair weight to it overall and can be worn during the Fall or on a cold Spring day with only a t-shirt underneath. It is a moto-style jacket, so anything bulkier under it, such as a sweater or hoodie, would be too thick and the zipper will not close. The belt is not restrictive in any way.

(Photo Credit: Nerdy Curiosities)

The backpack is probably the most complicated part of this jacket to put on. At first glance, it looks like it would be easy to slip on and off. However, when put into actual use, it took me a few tries to not get tangled in all the straps. The shoulder pads are adjustable and have Velcro attachments to it so that you can get your arms in and out of them, as well as secure it to the jacket itself with the accompanying Velcro stabilizer. The main compartment of the bag is filled with the same batting as the pouches on the belt. The only difference is that the bag is sewn shut, so there is no way to remove the batting easily. It can only be removed through the two small openings at the top of the bag should you wish to do so.

(Photo Credit: Nerdy Curiosities)

Final Thoughts

As a cosplayer, this jacket (although well made) is not movie poster accurate. If you are wanting something that is accurate for your cosplay outfit, this would not be the product for you. However, if you’re looking to bound as Black Widow or are not too fussed about details for your cosplay, this jacket should do the trick.

This would be more versatile if the belt is not sewn onto the hem of the jacket and is a detachable item. The same goes for the backpack. If the backpack is fully functional, that would be a bonus to this jacket as a cosplay outfit. It could also have benefited a small hook and eye attachment or button for ease of donning and doffing the backpack straps on the front. The jacket is priced at $219 and is currently on sale for $169. It is not a cheap jacket by any means, but if you have the funds for it and are planning ahead for Halloween, this jacket should keep you nice and toasty for those cold Halloween nights in the neighbourhood while trick or treating with the family, and you’ll have an automatic costume for years to come.

The Leather City has also decided to provide a $20 discount code for the Curious Crowd to use at checkout! Use NERDYCURIOUS20.

black widow jacket

‘Til next time,

Stay Nerdalicious!

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