Nerdcessities: Star Wars Gift Guide

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is finally upon us, Nerds! If you’ve got a Star Wars lover in your life you may be looking for the perfect gift for him or her this holiday season. Look no further, for this Nerdcessities Star Wars Gift Guide may be just the droids you’re looking for!

Star Wars Gift Guide

Who doesn’t love getting a new pair of pajamas for Christmas? ICYMI I did an entire Nerdy Pajamas list here. It’s cute and all when the family has matching pajamas but who says they all have to be identical to match? Now the whole family can dress as different characters from Star Wars!

Star Wars Gift

Star Wars Family Pajamas, Blanket Sleeper Onesie with Hood and Pillow Case by Jammin Jammies


You do have to choose whether you want your toast to be on the light side or the dark side…choose wisely, young padawan.

Star Wars Gift

Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster (also available in Death Star and Storm Trooper)


Poor Kylo Ren probably just needs a big hug! Now you can snuggle up with Kylo and a nice fleece throw.

Star Wars Gift

Disney Star Wars Kylo Ren Plush Figurine Doll Hugger and Blanket Throw Gift Set from American Closeouts


For the art lover or book collector in your life how about this gorgeous hardcover?

Star Wars Gift

The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi by Phil Szostak


I know a few ladies whose hearts would melt over this adorable BB-8 crystal necklace.

Star Wars GiftStar Wars Jewelry Silver Plated BB-8 Silhouette in Genuine Clear and Orange Crystals Pendant with Chain Necklace


Something about having a kitchen timer in the shape of the Deathstar just makes the timer reaching zero seem so much more imminent…

Star Wars Gift

Star Wars Kitchen Timer with Lights and Sounds


There are several different designs of this type of lamp but I would go with the Millennium Falcon any day!

Star Wars Gift

Optical Illusion 3D Glow LED Décor Lamp with 7 Changing Colors (Millennium Falcon Model)


For the board game lover or the trivia fanatic this Star Wars theme on the old classic is perfect!

Star Wars Gift

Trivial Pursuit: Star Wars the Black Series Edition by Hasbro


Of course you could always take that Star Wars lover to see The Last Jedi. Even if they’ve seen it already a true fan wouldn’t say no to seeing it again, and again, and again….That’s all for this Star Wars Gift Guide! Have a very Star Wars Holiday, and may the force be with you!

Stay Nerdy!


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