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This weekend I want you to say the word: Shazam! That’s right curious crowd, I’m not talking about the movie about a genie starring Sinbad (which doesn’t actually exist but in the obscure part of many peoples’ minds). I’m talking about the movie we’ve been anxiously awaiting, starring one of our favorite nerds, Zachary Levi! I may be a bit biased but I cannot wait to see this movie! If you wanna get even more pumped to see Shazam then take a gander at some of the Shazam Merch I’ve found!

Shazam Merch


Shazam MerchDC Comics Women’s Shazam Text Logo T-Shirt (available in black or white)

DC Comics Women’s Shazam Bubble Gum Tank Top

DC Comics Women’s Shazam Bolt Logo T-Shirt

Funko POP! Heroes: Shazam – Shazam (who else was as giddy as Zac that he finally got his own POP?)

Hot Topic

Shazam MerchDC Comics Shazam! Logo T-Shirt

DC Comics Shazam! Gold Logo T-shirt

DC Comics Shazam! Poster T-Shirt



Shazam MerchBecause the inner kid in all of us really just wants some Shazam toys and books, right?

DC Comics Shazam! Thunder Punch Shazam! 12” Figure

DC Comics Shazam! Power Emblem Chest Plate

Shazam! : The Junior Novel – (Shazam!) by Calliope Glass (Paperback)


Trying to cultivate Shazam Merch for this post has led me to realize that there simply is not enough merch out there for the original Captain Marvel, especially not for the ladies! Can we fix this, please? How are you showing off your Shazam love? Let us know!

Stay Nerdy!


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