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There is nothing wrong with enjoying your nerd life and living your fandom to the fullest. Fortunately, there are so many Nerdy Home Essentials to choose from in fandoms varying from comic books and video games to nerdy tv channels and fantasy anime. The previous year may have brought many changes to the world outside, and this year looks to be following suit. 


But the nerd culture has presented even more reasons to enjoy the ultimate life indoors and be whisked away into virtual realities and imaginary places only a nerd can dream about. This year offers every nerd even more opportunities to enjoy the nerd culture with a collection of nerdcessities. So, does the nerd blood run through your veins? Do you want to continue living your beautiful life to the fullest in 2021? Then you might want to consider having these things in your home this year. 


Subscription Video Service(s)

One of the best ways to explore the boundaries of your fandom and experience new shows, videos, and movies that tickle your nerdy fantasy is to have a subscription video service. There’s almost nothing better than having a wide range of fantasy worlds to choose from for your viewing pleasure – from old movies and shows you can’t help but watch over and over again to new releases. 

Nerdy Home

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Fortunately, with options like Hulu and Netflix (to mention a few), you can sit back, relax, and allow yourself to drift into worlds that make sense. All you need to do is create your account and watch the shows you want. With Hulu, for example, you can also opt for a Hulu account sharing and enjoy the content you want. You may be asking how many profiles can you have on Hulu, thankfully, you can create up to five additional profiles.


A Pair of Running Shoes, or Two

Oh, the horror of working out! Yup, that’s true, but working out is good for your mind and body, especially during this pandemic. So, believe it or not, a pair of running shoes is an essential nerdy thing to have this year. And, don’t just have them; use them! Take a few minutes out of each day, say 30 minutes at least, and sweat it out a little or engage in some physical activity. Whether you choose to go out for a quick walk, a run, or even do some aerobics in your home, you need to get your body active and healthy enough to continue enjoying your nerd life. While on the subject of health, also ensure that you stock up on healthy snacks and drinks. Add loads of fruits and veggies to your meals and give your body the nutritional benefits it needs. 


Fix it Yourself Toolkit

If you’re a geek and proud, then you know you would rather cut off a piece of your body than hire a professional to repair your precious tech equipment and gadgets. So, get yourself a toolkit that allows you to repair basic things in your devices like your tabs, phones, computer, or any other gadgets. But be sure you know what you’re doing. What should your basic toolkit contain? First, it should have the needed tools to open cases, lift screens, swap out batteries, tighten and loosen screws, and generally make your warranty void. 

Those are the basic ones. Next, your toolkit should also have some tools that allow you to pry and poke after opening up your gadget. And if you can find some tools included that make it possible to do some general tinkering and easy rewiring, that’s even better. NOTE: Only attempt to fix your own devices if you REALLY know what you’re doing. It is okay to ask for help! Should you need to learn how to do something though, YouTube always has a myriad of how-to videos available.

Plus, if you live in an area where COVID-19 restrictions make it difficult to have access to a professional tech repairer, you might as well handle things yourself. 


A Dedicated Game Playing Station

Thanks to the coronavirus, the rest of the world is increasingly joining the gaming world, with over 2.5 billion people now actively playing different kinds of video games. Indeed, the World Health Organization led a campaign that encouraged more people to start playing video games and enjoy the numerous benefits they come with. Fortunately, nerds are already way ahead of the rest of the world regarding video games. And if you don’t have a dedicated video game playing station by now, then it is safe to assume that you are missing out on a lot. So take the time to put together your favorite collection of video games, accessories, and gadgets apart from the rest of your home. Also, ensure that your game choices allow you to play online with other nerds and geeks across the world. 

Some Nerdy Home Essentials are about more than decor as you can clearly see. What kind of Nerdy Home Essentials do you feel every nerd should have at the ready in their home space? Let us know!

Stay Nerdy!


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