Nerdcessities: iPhone Tips and Tricks

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Nerdcessities: iPhone Tips & Tricks

Is there anything more exciting than being one of the first people to own a new product? Something nerds and geeks will know very well is about the importance of putting in the time to research before deciding on a new purchase and where the best retailer to buy from is. That is all before you head to a physical or virtual queue to buy it.

iphone tips and tricks

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One such new release that is always met with anticipation is the new iPhone. At the time of writing, the latest iPhone model is the iPhone 13/13 pro/13 pro max. Each release has unique nuances that make it slightly different from other models from storage capabilities, camera specifications, added features, etc. The cost also varies depending on the model and what you are paying for.

But what happens once you have your new iPhone? Of course, you want to find out exactly how to use it, but let’s be honest, does the booklet inbox tell you everything you need to know? Of course not. There will be some hidden tips and tricks that only those in the know will be privy to. They then share them online during the oncoming marketing frenzy to entice more people to upgrade to the newest release.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with rushing out to upgrade your device to the latest handset. If you have, these top tips can help you get the most from your new cell phone.

Block Data Usage From Specific Apps

Apps running in the background like Facebook will constantly be refreshing for new information and posts ready for when you next open it. If you find you are running low on data when out and about, opened background apps could be blamed.

Fortunately, you can disable cellular data usage for certain apps in the “Use Cellular Data For” area of the Settings app > Cellular. This is useful if you are running out of data for the month.

Shift Your Keyboard

Are you typing with one thumb? The iOS keyboard can be set to lean left or right. To switch between left and right keyboards, tap the globe or emoji icon at the bottom of the keyboard (the globe appears if you have three or more keyboards installed). Tap your choice. To return to full screen, tap the arrow beside your preference (only in Portrait Mode.)

Text Shortcuts

Do you have common phrases you constantly type out? Or do you send frequent emails with repetitive details such as business address or payment details? Did you know you can create a shortcut to save typing them over and over again?

Go to General > Text Replacement in Settings. To add a phrase, click the plus (+) icon at the top. Input the shortcut (like “PAY” for payment details) into the keyboard’s text preview to use the complete term. Also, you can utilize it to access a favorite emoji combination quickly.

Organize Images

Are you a social media fiend who regularly updates your Instagram or an influencer who needs easy access to client assignments and image and video creations? You can organize photos on iPhone following this quick tutorial meaning the files you want are only a click away. No more death scrolling through random pet pics or screenshots to find the picture you need.

Change “Respond With Texts”

When you receive a call, you will get three options pop up. But did you know you can change these? You get three generic replies you can send out if you cannot answer. When you get a call, you see these three options: Slide to Answer, Remind Me, and Message.

If you click “message, the three default text message options are as follows: “Sorry, I’m unable to speak at this time,” “I’m on my way,” and “Can I contact you later?” Unfortunately, there is a limit of three defaults per user account. However, you can override these three default settings by navigating to the Settings app > Phone > Respond With Text and selecting another option.

Take A Shot with Your AirPods

To be clear, at this time, your AirPods do not contain a built-in camera (This could be an option for the future, who knows!). However, you may utilize them to capture images by pressing the volume up or down keys simultaneously. Open the Camera app on your phone, point it at something, then push the button. You can reassign the touch controls on your AirPods.

Tap The Back

From the iPhone 8 onwards, you can use the Back Tap feature to transform the Apple logo into a button. In Settings > Accessibility > Touch and Back Tap, select a function for double-tap and triple-tap, such as bringing up the Spotlight, muting the music, and bringing you back to the Home Screen. Even if a case protects your iPhone, the Back Tap function is still available.

Do you have any useful tips and tricks that may be lesser known? Let us know!

Stay Curious!
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