Nerdcessities: Deadpool Merch

Ever since the release of the first Deadpool movie, I’ve been itching for its sequel as well as some new Deadpool Merch! I exerted maximum effort searching the inter webs and was not disappointed. There’s something for guys and girls so take a look at all the pretty Deadpool Merch.

Deadpool Merch

Deadpool MerchMarvel Deadpool Playing Cards from Hot Topic

Deadpool MerchMarvel Domino & Deadpool T-Shirt Hot Topic Exclusive

Deadpool MerchMarvel Deadpool Crossed Katanas Necklace from Hot Topic

Deadpool MerchSorry Not Sorry Deadpool T-Shirt from Spencer’s

Deadpool MerchCable and Deadpool Wallet from Spencer’s

Deadpool MerchMen’s Marvel Deadpool Ringer Short Sleeve T-Shirt from Target

Deadpool MerchMarvel Deadpool 8-Bit Taco Women’s Ringer Tee Boxlunch Exclusive

Deadpool MerchMarvel Deadpool Taco Icon Womens Tee Boxlunch Exclusive

Deadpool MerchMarvel Deadpool Hair Clip Set Boxlunch Exclusive

Deadpool MerchDeadpool I Love Chimichangas Ladies Zip-Up Hoodie from Think Geek

Deadpool MerchDeadpool High Top Sneaker from Think Geek

Deadpool MerchDeadpool Compression Leggings for Women from I Am Superhero

Celebrate the biggest #2 by dawning some Deadpool Merch for the merc with the mouth! Are you planning on seeing Deadpool 2 when it opens? Let us know if you’ll be sporting some Deadpool Merch, we love to see photos from the Curious Crowd!

Stay Nerdy!


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