Nerdcessities: Comic Book Pajamas

Tis the season, Nerds! I love the holiday season, and while I can’t stand the cold I do love being able to wear my warm PJs. My favorite kind of jammies are the onesie pajamas! Today I’m gonna show you some of my favorite comic book pajamas. Because the season is about coming together I am not dividing Marvel and DC. Nope! So grab a cup of cocoa and shop for some new Comic Book Pajamas!

Comic Book Pajamas


On the first week of Christmas Jaime sent to me: Four Harley Quinns, three first Avengers, two brooding Dark Knights, and a Deadpool hooded onesie!

Comic Book Pajamas

Juniors’ DC Comics Harley Quinn One-Piece Pajamas

Juniors’ Marvel Captain America One-Piece Pajamas

Men’s DC Comics Batman Dark Knight Microfleece Union Suit

Men’s Marvel Deadpool Dead Peezy Microfleece Union Suit


I’m not really sure where to go after that…aren’t onesies just the best?!

Comic Book Pajamas

Women’s Spider-Man Union Suit

Women’s Wonder Woman Union Suit

Men’s Punisher Union Suit

Men’s Flash Union Suit

Spencer’s Gifts

Spencer’s calls them what they are: Pajama Costumes. Now you never have to wear normal clothes.

Comic Book Pajamas

Clark Kent Pajama Costume

Captain America Pajama Costume

Wonder Woman Pajama Costume

The Flash Pajama Costume

Let’s hope you find yourself and someone in your life a pair of these Comic Book Pajamas! Send us pics of you in your nerdy jammies! Which ones were your favorite? Let us know below or on any of our social media.

Stay Nerdy!



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