Nerdcessities: Captain America Fashion

Happy Independence Day, Curious Crowd! In honor of the red, white, and blue we’re bringing the ladies some Captain America fashion to add to your nerd closet. Also, Happy belated Canada Day to all the Canadian Nerds! Don’t think we forgot about you there’s just not as much of a plethora of merch that is officially licensed for Captain Canuck. Someone should get on that! Anyway, onto the merch!

Captain America Fashion

Captain America FashionJuniors’ Captain America Shield Tee from Kohl’s

Captain America FashionMarvel Captain America Juniors’ Dolman Shrug from

Captain America FashionCaptain America Marvel Dress from

Captain America FashionMarvel Captain America Floral Print Girls Tank from Hot Topic

Captain America FashionMarvel Captain America Shield Neon Light Girls Tank from Hot Topic

Captain America FashionToddler Girls’ Marvel Girl Power Captain America Top and Bottom Set from Target

Captain America FashionWomen’s Marvel Captain America Tank/Boxer Pajama Set from Target

Captain America FashionMarvel Captain America Stars & Stripes Womens Long Sleeve Tee from BoxLunch

And just for funsies:

Captain America FashionPlush Captain America Shield from Rubie’s Costume Co. on Amazon


While it is amazing that we are finally getting some lady superheroes, it’s also important to teach girls from a young age that it’s also okay to admire male superheroes too. In fact, parents take note and teach your boys that anything boys can like girls can like too. Having a young, female nerdling of my own I’ve seen firsthand the torment that some boys will put a girl through for liking “boy things”. Your nerdlings need to know that it’s ok to show their nerdy pride in whomever and whatever they love whether they’re a girl or a boy. Let’s bring down sayings that make girls seem inferior.

“You hit like a girl.”

“You run like a girl.”

“You’re such a girl!”

You know what I’d say to that? Good. This soapbox moment has been brought to you by Captain America.

Stay Nerdy!


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