Nerdcessities: Baby Yoda

Hello, Curious Crowd! With the launch of Disney+ came a really awesome Star Wars series by Jon Favreau called The Mandalorian. Whether you have seen the show or not, chances are good that even if you’ve never seen anything Star Wars before in your life you have by now seen the adorable little creature the fandom has dubbed “Baby Yoda”. Yes, yes, we know that he is not actually Yoda but we have never been told what species Yoda is so it just seems easier to call it that, capiche?

Okie dokie, with that out of the way let’s move onto to some Nerdcessities from a galaxy far, far away. Keep in mind that much of the Baby Yoda merch we are seeing is less than impressive because they basically just keep using the same image on everything. However there are some exciting bits soon to come! While we wait, we might as well also take a gander at some Baby Yoda crafts the nerd community has made in a throwback to Crafternoon!

Baby Yoda Nerdcessities

Baby Yoda Plush

This plush is available for pre-order at many stores including  Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Hot Topic, and ShopDisney to name a few. (UPDATE: ShopDisney has sold out!)

Baby Yoda MerchFunko Pop!

There are 2 sizes of “The Child” Pop slated to come out: the standard Pop size and the 10” Pop. Stores with available pre-order include Target, Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble, Hot Topic, and more!

Baby Yoda MerchAmazon

Amazon has a pretty impressive selection of officially licensed Mandalorian merch. You can pre-order the aforementioned toys as well as score yourself some pretty sweet Baby Yoda t-shirts. Whether you are looking for a still image or a clever and cute cartoon version you are bound to find something you like at this storefront link.

Baby Yoda MerchBaby Yoda Crafternoon!

Let’s show some love for some awesome DIY Baby Yodas we have seen!

Rachel Maksy made this impressive Baby Yoda in just one day!

Here’s another impressive sculpt from Dr. Garuda


If you are crafty yourself, you can get the crochet pattern to make your own adorable Baby Yoda from AmiCuriosities on Etsy.

Baby Yoda MerchOr, for the less crochet needle inclined, you can peruse Etsy and find pre-made crochet dolls such as this cutie from 100AcreWoodshop.

Baby Yoda MerchYou pretty much can’t avoid it wherever you go. Of course why would you want to?


Are you planning on getting your hands on some Baby Yoda? Let us know what you’re hoping to get!

Stay Nerdy!


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