Nerdcessities: Avengers Infinity War Merch

What’s happening this week? I feel like there’s some event of Marvel proportions….Why of course! AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR!!!!! Sorry I’m just a tad excited. Not only is the movie coming out but a few amazing companies are releasing some amazing Infinity War Merch! Whether your shtick is clothing, makeup, or jewelry we’ve got you!

Infinity War Merch

Bésame Cosmetics

If you’ve ever wanted a makeup palette based off of the stones in the Infinity Guantlet, you’re in luck! Bésame Cosmetics teased in their Instagram stories with swatches and packaging sneak peaks!

Infinity War MerchAnd if that’s not enough Marvel awesomeness then perhaps you’re interested in their Agent Carter 1946 collection?

Be sure to follow Bésame Cosmetics on Instagram so you can be in the know for more sneak peaks and the release date for the makeup line.

What’s Your Passion Jewelry

What’s Your Passion Jewelry has a site chock full of officially licensed Marvel jewelry. This collection has something for just about every Marvel fan. This fine jewelry is basically wearable nerd art. Every piece is highly detailed and made in America. Company founder Ari Kathein is a fellow nerd and Marvel lover as are the people who work for him and package every piece of jewelry to bestow upon the Nerdom. Check out the collection here.

Her Universe

Are you ready for all of this? Because I’m not!

At Hot Topic, Her Universe has released Official Infinity War Merchandise! First up we have the clothing line. The image below is just a sample of what this massive line has to offer. The clothing line has a lot of athletic apparel, jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, sports bras, and even a skort!

Infinity War Merch

Also amazing is the beauty and cosmetic collection! There are bath bombs, eyeshadows, press-on nails, lipgloss, and even a fragrance!

Infinity War Merch
Check out the entire Infinity War Merch collection from Her Universe at Hot Topic!

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Stay Nerdy!


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