Nerdcessities: 5 Birthday Gift Ideas For A Nerdy Friend

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We have all been there before…one of your fellow nerdy buds is having a birthday and you have no idea what to get them. Depending on their specific interests or fandoms, it is typically not difficult to shop for a nerd. Particularly when someone is a fan of a well-known property that offers an endless amount of products from fashion to toys to even homeware. However, you can also run the risk of getting a bit repetitive. I can’t tell you how many Tardis (Tardises? Tardi?) I’ve received from friends and colleagues. I mean, I do love a good Tardis, but I do not need any more to add to my collection. Here are some ideas for you that are a bit more out of the box. Let us know if any of these suggestions resonate with you or remind you of a nerd in your life.

Private Internet Access VPN

Photo by Dan Nelson from Pexels


Most folks are familiar with VPNs nowadays, but getting private internet access is an excellent birthday present for a friend or yourself. We all spend a ridiculous amount of time online these days, so why not give them or yourself a paid subscription to a virtual private network (VPN) which allows anyone to exist online with added peace of mind. The VPN enhances security by keeping data secure and encrypted, reduces the chance of hacking, and also provides complete anonymity. 


Equation geek clock or watch

Artist: Klipspringer at Society6

Have a math or physics nerd, like our Rachel, in your life? Then an Equation Clock is a good option for you. You can find plenty of basic “geeky or nerdy” clocks from various online retailers, but you don’t want your nerdy clock to be generic! It has to be cool and really speak to someone’s fun personality and aesthetic. Klipspringer at Society 6 has a lot of cool designical options like the one pictured above. Also, support artists and smaller vendors as much as you can, particularly these days.


Quirky nerdy jewelry

Jams has written plenty of fashion articles filled to the brim with accessory recommendations you can really dive into. Nerdy jewelry can really add that extra oomph you need! Add to your friend’s wardrobe by giving them quirky jewelry. You can get mismatched solar system earrings or a moon phase bib necklace would have them parading around town, showing off how much they love space. If they’re a superhero fan, then their hero’s symbol would be a great piece – like a WonderWoman tiara necklace. If your edgy nerd needs some new septum jewelry, you can find titanium options found here.


A Geeky Cookbook

You know how we feel about foodies at NC, our Jen has a whole dedicated foodie day! The Geeky Chef Cookbook series is the best gift for your friend who has the nerdy hobby of cooking and is in love with the world of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Games of Thrones, and other classic sci-fi and fantasy movies or shows. Filled with many recipes from loved shows and movies, you can give your friend the chance to explore these mystical worlds with their taste buds. You could accompany this cookbook with fandom cooking utensils from their favorite shows or movies, such as Star Wars plunger cookie cutters. Mind you, I didn’t include a link to The Geeky Chef Cookbook series, because I’m hoping you’ll support a smaller bookstore or vendor!


Penguin Bot Arduino Biped Robot Kit

Photo by Free Creative Stuff from Pexels

If you have a nerdling to shop for, you can find many great STEM books and kits for them to have a blast while learning and experimenting. We haven’t tried this one ourselves but seems to have a few decent reviews at a medium price. Give your nerdling the opportunity to learn to code and build a robot; after all, gotta get ready for Skynet, right? Sorry, that is 2020 humor, after all. The SunFounder Robot Kit is pretty adorable and has customization options, including dance skills.

We hope these few items can kickstart some inspiration for your gift buying for that nerd in your life. Let us know if you need specific help thinking of some gifts, and we’d be happy to help with suggestions. In all reality, it is the thought that counts, so props to you for wanting to make someone’s birthday a little brighter. We can all use that right now.

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