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A few shows to look forward to that will satisfy your inner Nerd…


For you Anglophiles, season 3 of The Musketeers has cast Rupert Everett as Philippe Achille, the corrupt Governor of Paris and illegitimate brother to Louis XIII.

Marvel Netflix

For Marvelites, we know quite a few Netflix shows are on the way, and it is exciting to see these pop up in your Netflix window when you search for Marvel. If they are even a quarter as good as Daredevil, then I’m sold.

Oncers, if you haven’t seen the season finale, then look away!!!!

If you have, then check out the promo for next season.

Once Upon A Time

A first look at DC’s Arrow and The Flash spinoff series, Legends of Tomorrow was released today. Also, Arthur Darvill. 🙂



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