Nerd It Happy: TV Shows You Should’ve Seen By Now

You know that feeling when you love a show SO MUCH that you just want to share it with the world? You have seen every episode. In fact, you most likely have watched through the entire series more than once. Certain things happen in your everyday life that remind you of that time “that thing happened” in your favorite show. And then it gets cancelled. Sometimes your show gets a befitting ending and you couldn’t possibly imagine it ending any other way; other times, the final credits start rolling and you’re left with unanswered questions and always wonder in the back of your mind if they might possibly bring your show back someday to FINALLY wrap it up!

We’ve gotten to talking about this topic many times and decided that we at NC would bring you our personal recommendations for shows you might not have watched that you REALLY should have seen by now.

Jaime’s Pick: Dresden Files

When looking for a show to binge through, sometimes I don’t mind watching five or more seasons. But sometimes I just want something that I can run through quickly. The Dresden Files is a great cancelled show to run through quickly. Paul Blackthorne stars as Harry Dresden, a crime-fighting wizard. Yes, you read that correctly. This show premiered in the US on SyFy (then called the Sci Fi Channel) January 21, 2007. It also premiered in Canada on Space. On February 14, 2007 it was picked up on Sky One in the UK.

The Dresden files only ran for one season of twelve episodes. Whenever there is a police case of “unusual” nature, it seems that Dresden’s help is needed. I liked this show because Paul Blackthorne was quite witty, funny, and charming as Dresden. Many people criticized the show for straying so far from the books, when in actuality author Jim Butcher has stated, “The show is not the books. It is not meant to follow the same story. It is meant as an alternate world, where the overall background and story-world is similar, but not all the same things happen. The show is not attempting to recreate the books on a chapter-by-chapter or even story-by-story basis” (Retrieved from his forum February 23, 2010 for Wiki). I really wish this show had gotten more of a chance, or could even make a come back on Netflix.

The Dresden Files is available on DVD, YouTube, Amazon, and more.

Roni’s Pick: Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies is one of those shows that met its end too soon. If you watch it, you will be left with that feeling of disappointment that it did not continue! You will also be left with a ridiculously strong urge to own a pie shop, to eat all the pies, to join Kristin Chenoweth in song, want a glamorous eye-patch, want to raid the costume department, and gain an even bigger crush on Lee Pace! Deep breath… It’s wondrous and visually delicious. As a designer, I couldn’t get enough of the colors and patterns. I really miss this show.

Pushing Daisies is available on Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, GooglePlay, CW Seed, and more.

Rach’s Pick: Ugly Betty

When the colourful doors of Mode closed for good in 2010, I was devastated. The characters, the sass, the heart, the drama, the clothes! It had everything you wanted and more. It was the show that made me (and the rest of the world) fall madly in love with America Ferrera and the beautiful, Betty Suarez. Betty proved that you can be true to yourself, follow your heart, and succeed. I am not so patiently waiting for that 2-hour movie that the cast is all on board for. #HULUBringBackUglyBetty!

Ugly Betty is available on Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, GooglePlay, the ABC Go and more.

Jen’s Pick: Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye. Where do I even begin with this show? I guess you can say my addiction started no thanks to Rach (thank you!). We were watching this 2-hour TV movie, only to realize that it turned into a TV series. The 2-hour movie then became the first two episodes of season one. Created by Gary R. Johnson and Dave Alan Johnson, the show is about the life of Sue Thomas who is Deaf and has the talented ability to read lips (amongst other things) and ends up joining (in my humble opinion) the top FBI surveillance team. It opened my eyes about the Deaf community. And because of my aforementioned addiction, I knew every scene like the back of my hand. You can give me a random screenshot and I could tell you exactly which season, episode, and the scene that screencap was taken. I can’t do that now though because it has been a long time since the show ended. And like most fans, I had high hopes that they would make a movie, because the end title credit screen said “The End… For Now”. Okay, let’s face it, I still have hopes that the movie would happen. But for now, I’ll have to settle for my VHS recordings of all the episodes that I have recorded.

Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye is available on Amazon and their official website.

So now when you are sitting around with some free time wondering what show you should run through next, you have some great recommendations from the ladies NC! Let us know if you end up binging through one (or all!) of our recommendations. What shows would you recommend every nerd should see? Join the conversation here or on any of our social media.

Stay Nerdy!


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