Nerd It Forward: VTCC Gamers & Cosplayers For A Cause

In this week’s Nerd It Forward, with an assist from the lovely Jaime, I get to shine a Batman spotlight on some special Vermont Comic Con nerds who are making the world a better place by doing good in their communities. 


Extra Life at VTCC. Photo credits: Jaime.

Extra Life, in association with the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital, is an online gaming community that helps support the Children’s Miracle Network hospital of your choice. It’s a super simple concept, you set up your own personal fundraising page, raise money, and game for 24 hours. Super simple. You get to game your little nerd heart out AND help kids in our own local community in the process. I call that a win-win. For more information visit their website and find them on Facebook.

gamers against cancer

Gamers Against Cancer at VTCC. Photo credits: Jaime.

Speaking of gamers nerding it forward, Gamers Against Cancer was founded by Robert Holden and his wife, Jamie, who is herself a two time breast cancer survivor. And just as the organizations name suggests, the pair spearheads various fundraising activities as well as collect and sell games and nerd memorabilia in support of breast cancer research. You can support this incredible couple as they are participating in a walk in October at Dorset Park. For more information or if you’d like to make a donation please visit their Making Strides page.



Montreal’s Wolverine & X-Men at VTCC. Photo credits: Jaime.

And now for some Canadian cosplayers for a cause, Montreal’s Wolverine and the Montreal X-Men Cosplay Charity Group. They have traveled to many Comic Cons, from New York to Toronto, Ottawa to Montreal as well as various other events, snapping photos and raising money in support of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation and the Cancer Patient Support Foundation. You can follow Wolverine’s adventures on his page and you can find him and the rest of the X-men on Facebook.

We all have the ability to be real life superheroes. Do good in the world, nerds.

‘Til next time,

Rach & Jaime

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