Nerd It Forward: Variety Show Of Hearts Telethon

The word Telethon holds a particularly special meaning for me. It’s something that has quickly become a tradition every Valentine’s Day weekend.  For the past thirteen years, I’ve had the privileged of playing a small part in the Show of Hearts Telethon, a 24 hour broadcast that encourages folks to call in and donate to Variety, the Children’s Charity. It’s a special cause that is very close to my heart. And this past weekend, the SOH Telethon celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary!

The charity was founded in 1927 in Pittsburgh after a baby was found on the steps of the Sheridan Theatre with a heartbreaking letter written by the infant’s mother. The members of the Variety Club proceeded to raise funds to help support baby Catherine Variety Sheridan, becoming the first chapter/tent of Variety. There are now 41 tents across the world helping children with special needs.

There are countless stories of children and their families in need of assistance. Variety, along with many sponsors, celebrities, staff, and volunteers are all there ready to help.

The Telethon is a huge reason that Variety can help so many of these amazing kids. And on top of being a fundraiser, it also serves as a celebration for all the hard work done the past year.

variety show of hearts 501st legion

Variety Tent 47 and the 501st Legion

Oh I almost forgot, if you’re wondering how much was raised this year… Over $6.8 million. And that money will go a long way in helping many families across the province of British Columbia. Here’s to the next 50 years!

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