Nerd It Forward: Marion and Katie

If there’s one thing that we like to talk about on this blog, it’s Nerd HQ. We talk about it a lot. To be fair, that’s putting it mildly but for good reason. There is a particular reason that has me returning to San Diego every summer, the incredibly generous nerd community. This year, I added another member to my ever growing nerd family. Smiley and all-around ray of sunshine, Katie. I first met her at the San Diego pier getting ready to hop aboard the ferry to Coronado Island. Katie is kind and has a warm generous spirit about her. When Roni told me an amazing Nerd It Forward moment involving Katie, I immediately contacted her to get the details so that I could share it with all of you.

Marion, from Chester

In order to tell this amazing story, Katie first introduced me to her friend, Marion, from Chester. Marion had tweeted about an extra ticket to the closing show of She Loves Me. And Katie (who already had tickets of her own) jokingly replied that it was too bad she didn’t need one. As the date to the show quickly approached, Marion reached out and asked Katie if she was interested in exchanging the ticket for a donation to Operation Smile. Without a second thought, Katie made the donation and the pair met in person for the first time for brunch prior to the show. A few days later, Marion contacted Katie again and asked if it were possible to send a PayPal donation to purchase a shirt from HQ for Marion’s son. The rest of the money was to be donate towards panel tickets or Smiles for Smiles for others to enjoy. Marion further explained that during the previous year’s HQ e-Bay auction, she had to pay an excessive amount of taxes (as a UK resident) and decided this year, she wanted more of her dollars to go to Operation Smile. Also, she wanted to share with those experiencing NerdHQ.

Katie was absolutely floored by Marion’s generosity. Not only did Marion send one donation, she sent a second one for Katie to pay it forward. And because of Marion’s selfless gift, Katie was able to: gift panel tickets, help a fellow nerd donate for a Smiles photo and asked in return to continue to pay it forward, and give a sizable donation directly to Operation Smile on the last day of HQ.

Marion's donation to Operation Smile c/o of Katie. Image source: Katie

Marion’s donation to Operation Smile c/o of Katie. Image source: Katie

I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying it over and over again, nerds are the best people. Katie and Marion, thank you. Folks like the two of you are what make NerdHQ that special, wonderful place it is.

Nerd it forward,
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