Nerd It Forward: J.K. Rowling

You would be hard-pressed nowadays to find anyone who doesn’t recognize the iconic name, J.K. Rowling. She will forever be known as the woman who created one of the most successful literary franchises in history, but beyond bringing to life the story of a special boy wizard, Rowling has also become famous for being an inspirational role model for aspiring writers everywhere. 

Recently, Rowling reached out to a young fan on Twitter who was teased for wanting to become a writer.


What’s truly remarkable about Rowling is the fact she started her writing career, in her words, at “rock bottom”. She fought to get Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone published (which was rejected twelve times) and emerged as an unstoppable force of nature that fundamentally changed the literary world. All because she truly believed in the story that she was telling. And if you’re ever feeling down, I highly recommend listening to this incredible commencement speech that Rowling delivered to the graduating class of 2011 at Harvard.

Words are powerful. They can change lives. And if you filter through the hate and the noise, you’ll find encouraging messages from people like Ms. Rowling who will make you believe that perhaps there is still hope and that one day all will be well.

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