Nerd It Forward: Robert Downey Jr.

When it comes to perfect superhero casting, Robert Downey Jr. immediately comes to mind. He *is* Tony Stark. And just like his alter-ego, RDJ takes his duties as Badass Do-Gooder (yes, that is his legitimate job title) very seriously.

Alex and “Robert”


In his latest mission, RDJ took a moment prior to the European Civil War premiere to put some smiles on some very special kids at the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

Ethan and Robert

robert downey jr nerd it forward

Image source: People

RDJ is also hosting a charity auction with O-maze for a pizza date with the man himself and other fun stuff. The money raised will be going towards a new fund, started by him and his wife, Susan, called Random Act Funding.

What a massive dork, a dork with a big heart, but a dork nonetheless. Thank you, good sir. #TeamIronMan

Nerd it forward,

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