Nerd It Forward: Comicpalooza & Charlie Hunnam

We typically do not like to be the bearers of bad news or spread negativity on the interwebs, but sometimes it is unavoidable. We feel we have to share what affects the nerd community, good or bad. At the end of May, Roni attended Space City Con in Houston. This convention was sadly surrounded by so much controversy leaving many Sons of Anarchy fans without photographs and autographs as promised. Many celebrities weren’t paid for their appearances, leaving many Houston nerds worried about our city’s reputation. We feared this would affect are other conventions. As the weeks went by we feared there would be no resolution (You can see our report on SCCC here).

As we prepare for Comicpalooza this weekend, this graced our Twitter feed yesterday…


Charlie Hunnam, you good sir, are a class act.

To anyone who purchased a VIP SCCC ticket that wasn’t honored, Charlie Hunnam is offering free autographs. Wolf Studios will honor unredeemed VIP photo op vouchers from Space City Comic Con. Comicpalooza will issue one free adult, 3-day pass to each of those ticket holders. SCCC SOA VIP ticket holders should email: [email protected].

We are so happy to see all of these folks get some sort of resolution. Though we are sure many folks from out of town may not make the trip back to Houston, but the fact there is an attempt to honor these tickets, is a huge feat. We hope to learn more about how this came to pass; if Charlie reached out to Comicpalooza or vice versa.

Ultimately, the details don’t matter, but we want to send a thank you to Charlie, his team, Comicpalooza, and Wolf Studios for bringing a smile back to these folks. You are helping them not lose faith in the convention experience, and setting a great example of dedication and honesty.

Make sure you share your gratitude with all parties for making this possible.

Nerd on!
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