Nerd It Forward: Agents of SHIELD New England

Agents Of SHIELD New England

When you combine nerdity and doing good for the community something magical happens. As we all know being a nerd means being passionate about something. When I met James D’Amico, Director of Agents of SHIELD New England, at Vermont Comic Con I could tell he was quite passionate about what he is doing. I knew when I was done talking to him and taking pictures that he had more stories to tell.

Nerd It Forward SHIELD

Interview With James

Jaime: What can you tell us about the organization?

James: Agents of SHIELD New England (AOSNE) was founded in support of my best friend’s son, who is autistic and loves all things superhero. We fund raise at all the events that will let us for Autism Speaks on behalf of Team JT Earl. Every member is here for their own reason and has their own story, whether it be in support of the cause, because their lives have been touched by autism, or just because they like dressing up in tactical gear and making kids happy. Members come to whatever events they are able based on their personal lives, and we’re always accepting applications for new recruits! Again, contact us on our Facebook page if interested in joining up. (Just be prepared to laugh a lot; it’s very hard for us to take things seriously sometimes.)

Jaime: What upcoming events can we see AOSNE at?

James: As of now, we’ll be at Chase Con in Saratoga Springs, NY October 22nd & 23rd, Free Comic Book Halloween Extravaganza at Most Excellent Gaming in Enfield, CT October 29th, and Rhode Island Comic Con November 11th-13th. We’re constantly updating our schedule and adding new events. You can find out what we’re up to on the Facebook page.

Jaime: You told me that there are Agents in the fleet who are on the autism spectrum, I think that is fantastic. Do you feel like being a part of this organization has helped them as well?

James: It has helped everyone in the end.
example: My best friend has two step children, that had always misbehaved on her. But after being joining AOSNE as junior SHIELD agents they have changed and started to be better as human beings.
Another example: Agent Amato who is High function autistic said this to me when I asked him the question:

“To me Agents of SHIELD New England is another way for me to volunteer but because of the nature of the money being raised it helps me volunteer in a specified venue that helps others like me and bring awareness to autism. While doing it in such a way that’s fun and also family like. I consider you guys to be like a family”

So it has changed them into better people.

Jaime: So can you tell us why your organization raises funds for Autism Speaks?

James: Our Director’s best friend’s son is autistic. He’s seen first hand the struggles that someone on the spectrum faces, and Autism Speaks provides families and individuals with the resources and support that they need. By putting our name with theirs, we’re raising awareness for a condition that often gets dismissed and bringing it to light.

Jaime: Do you ever plan to add any Marvel characters into it?

James: We currently try incorporate many Marvel characters at the shows, but we are always open and looking for Marvel characters to join our ranks as permanent member of Agents or SHIELD New England as well.

Jaime: Is there a certain time of year that seems to be the busiest for you on the con circuit?

James: We are busy all year round. Going to events, preparing for the next events. We here at AOSNE never stop moving. One of these days we will all take a vacation to Tahiti. It’s a magical place.

Jaime:What made you decide on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for your theme?

James: I am a big fan of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. SHIELD stands for protection, truth, freedom, to be the world’s SHIELD. I always put people ahead of myself, protect the ones around me and that is what SHIELD does. Plus they have a lot of really nice equipment and black vehicles. *Laughing out loud*

Jaime: Any parting words you’d like to leave us with?

James: Please come out and see us if you can! We love talking to everyone, making new friends, and bonding over nerd loves. Bring the kids and help out a great organization if you can! Find us on Facebook and like and share! ( (

Nerd It Forward SHIELD

It just warms my nerdy heart to find someone who is so passionate and dedicated to such a great cause. If you are planning on attending upcoming cons in the New England area, be sure to keep an eye out for the SHIELD truck and tell them NC sent you!

Stay Nerdy!


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