Nerd Fashion: Swimwear

PEOPLE OF EARTH! Ready or not, bathing suit season is upon us! So you wanna find a clever nerdy swim suit that matches your personality, and/or fandom? Fear not! Ok, maybe fear just a little…I have compiled for you just SOME of the many nerdy swim suits I have found whilst perusing the Interwebs! This one isn’t just for the ladies; guys, I’ve got you covered as well! (Disclaimer: the swimsuits depicted are available during the summer season of 2015. If you are reading this in 2018 I am not responsible for breaking your little nerd heart) Each pic will take you to its respective retailer’s site.

Avengers, assemble!

IronManEtsy CapHotTop AvengersMale Avengers

Iron man 2 piece by thegeekgarden on Etsy, Captain America and Avengers trunks by Hot Topic, and Avengers monokini by!

DC Comics

dc-comics-wonder-woman-bustier-cheeky-short-bikini-two-piece-swimsuit-5 supermanjoker Harley Batman

Wonder Woman bikini by TV Store Online, Superman and Batman trunks by, Mr. J trunks by Sci Feye Candy on Etsy, and Harley Quinn bikini by Hot Topic.


DisnerdAriel DisnerdSnowWhite liloandstitch

Ariel and Lilo & Stitch bikinis by Hot Topic, Snow White one piece by Black Milk Clothing.

Science and Gaming!

Chemisrty SpaceInvaders

Chemistry 2 piece by Modcloth, rainbow Space Invaders by Black Milk Clothing

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


Rainbow Dash bikini by mtcoffinz on Etsy

Doctor Who

Doctor WHo bikini DoctorWHo trunks

Exploding TARDIS bikini by MattsSuperCoolShoppe on Etsy, and TARDIS swim trunks by Hot Topic


pokemonmen pokemonwomen

Pokemon swim trunks and bikini by Hot Topic


So there you have it, nerds! These are some of the best sites I have found in regard to nerdy swimwear.  If you’re not finding exactly what you’re looking for on this page, feel free to browse through each of these websites to see if you might find a franchise that I have not listed.  Til next time, nerds!




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  1. Take my money indeed 😉 I actually really like the Avengers monokini more than I probably should.

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