Nerd Con: Vermont Comic Con 2016

Vermont Comic Con 2016

This past weekend I attended Vermont Comic Con in Burlington, VT. You may remember my coverage on this event last year (ICYMI, check out my overall con experience here). This year did not disappoint. There were celebrity guests, authors, artists, and a vast array of assorted vendors once again.

Vermont Comic Con 2017

There was a life-sized TARDIS in the Emerald Promenade

Vermont Comic Creators

Once I again I revisited the artists and writers I met last year. Last year I interviewed three of the artists I met (you can check out that past Nerds R Us here). I said hi to Greggory Giordano and Michael Waggoner. I ended up purchasing issue one of Titans which I have heard so much about from Johnny Brown Jr. I have seen sneak peeks at some of the artwork that will be used in upcoming issues so be sure to look out for that! You can stay up to date on Titans by visiting their Facebook, as well as the Underground Comix Twitter.

Vermont Comic Con 2017

Matthew Sylvester

Matt has been a big supporter and a friend of the blog from almost the beginning (you may remember the amazing header of NC zombie-fied that he drew for us). I just had to stop by and see how he was doing and talk about things to come. There was an amazing print of his daughter based off of stories they would tell (he told us about this drawing in its early stages during our Nerds R Us interview with him, which you can listen to here). It was great to see Matt and I wish him all the best!

Vermont Comic Con 2017

D. P. Flanders Manic Mart

I love seeing all of the amazing masks that come out of Manic Mart. These are all hand sculpted and start out as cardboard! Check out Manic Mart on Facebook and visit them on Etsy.

Vermont Comic Con 2017

Chelsea Von Chastity

Chelsea was such a sweetheart and so beautiful inside and out. Chelsea is a transgender model/cosplayer, and cancer survivor. Her work is just stunning and she is quite an inspiration. You can check out photos of her cosplay on Facebook, and Instagram.

Vermont Comic Con 2017

Blair Shedd

Blair is a comic book creator, best known for his critically acclaimed work on Doctor Who. I loved so many of his prints. I eyeballed his Stranger Things print for quite a moment before finally deciding upon this print of the Eleventh Doctor and Clara.

Vermont Comic Con 2017

Gadgets and Collectibles

There was another booth with several prints calling my name. However, I managed to limit myself to this stunning interpretation of Sword Art Online. I wish I could credit the artist, however there was no artist listed, simply prints being sold at this booth called Gadgets and Collectibles (if anyone knows the artist of this print, please let me know so that I may credit them).

Vermont Comic Con 2017

Just Duct It Creations

Do you see these amazing comic book inspired works of art? They are made entirely from duct tape. That’s right, owner/artist Trish Tymecki intricately cuts different colored pieces of duct tape to make these unique art pieces. I just love that Wonder Woman! Visit Just Duct It Creations on Facebook.

Vermont Comic Con 2017

Noadi’s Art

These beautiful and unique sculptures and jewelry really caught my eye. Sheryl Westleigh hand sculpts and paints all of these impressive pieces inspired by sea life. Visit Noadi’s Art on the web and Facebook.

IMG_1700 IMG_1699 IMG_1698 Vermont Comic Con 2017


Standing at about 11” tall, these adorable hand-crafted dragons are the work of Terri Wenzel (Artist and Author). Terri has also written books based off of her dragons. Just look at all of those dragons! You can visit TerriDragon on the web and Facebook.

IMG_1688 Vermont Comic Con 2017

Vermont Snow Monkeys

I just loved all of the adorable headgear created by owner/designer Janipher Kane of Vermont Snow Monkeys. I want that sparkly unicorn hat! And that Wampa hat!!! Visit Vermont Snow Monkeys on their website!

IMG_1691 IMG_1690 Vermont Comic Con 2017


I met Podcasters Scott Baer and Jeremiah Johnson in the Emerald Promenade. Jeremiah and Scott present the Lost at Home Podcast, as well as Horror in the Court. Horror in the Court is presented monthly on their website. You can also follow the podcast on Twitter. The Lost at Home Podcast brings you weird and obscure news from around the world that you didn’t even know you were missing! It makes you smarter? Is their tagline. Follow them on Twitter, and visit them on the web!

Vermont Comic Con 2017

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. New England

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. New England appears at a variety of events raising funds for Autism Speaks, a cause close to its director James D’Amico’s (and mine) heart. I donated to the cause so I could get my picture taken with SHIELD Truck 2. James spoke to me about the events his organization goes to and I could tell how passionate he is about it. I am hoping we will be able to get him on Nerds R Us to talk about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. New England. Visit them on Facebook.

IMG_1706 Vermont Comic Con 2017

Celebrity Guests

Surprisingly I didn’t capture any cosplay this year. It was not for a lack of impressive cosplay at the event, merely how overwhelmed I was by the talented exhibitors on the con floor. I did manage to catch this very impressive Jack Skellington.

Vermont Comic Con 2017

I look forward to attending and covering VTCC again next year and anticipate the growth of the event year after year. You can be sure that I will be back again next year to cover Vermont Comic Con! Also, there were some great Foodie vendors at VTCC, so be sure to keep an eye out for Jen’s VTCC Edition of Nerdie Foodie this Friday!

Stay Nerdy!


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  1. So glad you enjoyed the Vermont Comic Con. I hope you can stop by my table next year!

    • Hi Robert! So sorry I didn’t get a chance to stop by and see you this year! I will definitely stop by next year to say hello 🙂 ~Jaime

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