Nerd Con: Nerd HQ 2016 Supernatural Panel Highlights

We wanted to include a recap of the Supernatural panels (because hilarity) and who better to take us down memory lane than Supernatural superfan and our dear friend, Laura (aka @Nerdfitter)! Take it away!

What an amazing way to end Nerd HQ 2016: Supernatural. These panels sell out quicker than any of the other panels and it’s obvious why: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Mark Sheppard never leave HQ without leaving us with aching sides and running mascara from incessant laughter. It’s hard to recap these two panels, so I’ve broken it down to my top 12 moments. Enjoy!

12. Misha’s Facebook Livestreams

Leave it to a cast of four men to assume one being off in the corner to mean a solo session of the naughty persuasion.

Apparently, when Misha livestreams, he goes off by himself. When Jared and Jensen notice or Jensen’s phone notifies him Misha is live, the boys like to have a little fun. They either call Misha to interrupt the broadcast, or they’ll go live to pull his viewers. Always with the crossing of streams. Poor Misha.

11. A Movie to End it All?

The idea of a Supernatural movie is kind of cool-ish. The guys are down for it once they’ve “milked it for all it’s worth.” There would be some awesome potential adventures to be taken, but the show is rooted in “monster of the week” and mini-arcs. Would a movie be able to produce the same kind of feel? Interesting to ponder.

10. Height is All About Perspective

Mark is by far the shortest on the cast. We all know this. He’s no stranger to the short jokes; however, the joke they pulled on him in the promotional pictures is one for the photo books. Apparently, without discussing it beforehand, Misha, Jared, and Jensen all decided to stand on their tippy toes, making them all between 6’4” and 6’7”, left Mark looking like an ant. #shortpeopleproblems

9. Broadway Dreams

Jared: Supernatural the Broadway show: A Musical. I think I’ll pass. I’m surprised none of them said, Hamilton. It seemed to be the answer for a lot of the musical questions. While Jared and Misha plan for their trip to Broadway, Jensen as Flynn Rider?!? I’m down for that. See him smolder. Yes, please. I love the fact that JJ loves “Punzel” and wants to watch it so much that Jensen knows every word. He’s so wrapped around her little finger.

8. The Next Generation of Hunters

How cool is it to be on your honeymoon at Nerd HQ?!? How cool is it to have the cast of Supernatural help you announce you’re expecting? I don’t know that I’d have the lady balls to make that request. But this was by far my favorite moment of this panel. Congrats to the happy couple. May you raise your hunter to be as badass as you are. On the same train of thought, to hear these guys talk about how their kids have changed their lives is amazing. This show is “bigger than [the cast and crew].” It’s brought people together. It’s changed people’s lives (mine included). They understand what they bring into the world through their children, but also, they see what their show, the catalyst, has created something beautiful: a family.

7. Gender-bending the Cast of Supernatural

Jared wants Gal Gadot, Misha suggests Hilary Clinton (not a political statement), Mark yells Misha, and the only one who gave a sincere answer was Jensen: his wife “’cause she’s a bad ass.” I agree, sir, I agree. It’d be cool if all the wives did an ep. Somehow the guys are transformed into women and we see Vicki, Danneel, Sarah, and Gen kicking ass and taking names.

6. Pull my Finger, Jared

“The gassiest man [Jensen] knows” doesn’t know the manliest gag around?!? Seriously. He started laughing so hard, he’s crying. Oh man. As a girl, I know this gag. How did he not know? Way to educate him, Jensen. Thus begins the fart stories. There are no words to explain. Just watch.

5. “Hey pussy, lock it up!”

These guys, the manly men behind Dean and Sam Winchester, occasionally get overwhelmed by the lines they’re delivering. Jensen explains that his exposition of Dean’s ventures in Hell during the break between three and four really did him in. He had to walk it off. Jared’s moment that did him in was when Sam is telling Dean during “Croatoan” that Dean should go on without him. Mark explains that “Sacrifice” amazed him. From the shooting the sequence sequentially with Abbadon, Sam, and Crowley. I didn’t realize this was not a thing. It’s really interesting to see these guys speak so candidly with such reverence about the characters we love. Lastly, Misha surprises us when he explains that it was actually Jimmy Novak moments to which he reacted most.

4. “I brought a friend”

I loved this whole panel. But, I know there were people who didn’t. They wanted it to be OG – just Jared. I really thought this panel had some supreme moments. Jensen coming down the aisle as a fan girl – “me? I have been waiting in line for so long.” Then he has a friend. Misha. Who has a stalker. Mark. These guys. Always the comics. I will say that normally these guys, as they were in the first panel, are not moderated. But having Zac on stage with them was fun. He really got engaged with the guys. Am I alone in my desire to see him as a long lost Winchester? No? Okay, good.

3. Being All Philosophical

When Jared and Jensen speak about the characters that they are so entranced in, it is mesmerizing. When they’re talking about Mama Winchester returning, the insight they have into Sam and Dean really shows how much they value them. They have lived with these characters for 11 years. They have grown as men through these characters. It shows when they talk so intricately and emotionally about Sam and Dean. So thank you guys. You may see this as bigger than you, but as Jared said, it is because of you that we’ve fallen so wholeheartedly for this show.

2. The Bromance, Tis Real

This panel really showed the relationship between Zac and Jared. Jared really has a true reverence for Zac and his vision. I love it. I love them. His closing moment, when Jared thanked Zac and the Nerd Machine, you can see how much he cares.


This moment tops my Nerd HQ 2016 experience, by far. Let me preface: I won a swag bag from Johnson & Johnson for donating a picture using their app. The bag: $250 worth of Nerch. One piece – the Nerdifornia hat that Zac is wearing. I’d already bought one and didn’t know what I would do with the second. Until that very moment. No idea how the words “I have an extra” came out of my mouth. I did not think it through. But – lo and behold – hat goes to Jensen. Now we’re besties. Yep. I feel bad there wasn’t anything to share with Jared. Brain wasn’t processing at full capacity. P.S. if anyone has a high-quality picture of Jensen in the hat from the end of the panel or the one at the end with the high five, could you send it my way?!? Thanks.

Supernatural: Parts I & II

You can watch both panels in all of its wondrous glory here.

Thanks again to Laura for being awesome!

Nerd on!

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