Nerd Con: NC Cosplay, Disneyland, & SDCC Fun!

We did it, nerds! Somehow we pulled off three NC Cosplay feats this year! As per usual we initially planned on at least two of them even before last year’s con had ended….and then we thought what the hey! Why not throw in a third one, right? Lofty goals, nerds…

NC Cosplay

Disney Villains

This was our first group cosplay: Disney Villains, rockabilly style! We didn’t get many (try two!) photos of this cosplay because we were exhausted and suddenly needed to change out of cosplay to get into the overnight line for the Live Action Panel (for more on this, listen to the latest Nerds R Us).

Jen: In hindsight, we probably should have just cosplayed this one right from the morning. But at least we got to wear it for a whole 30 minutes – if that.

Rach: I really loved our villainess cosplay, probably my favourite out of the three. It might be because of the rockabilly curl that Jams created for me. That curl was everything.

NC Cosplay Villains

(L to R) Rach as the Evil Queen, Jams as Cruella, Jen as Ursula, and Roni as Maleficent.

Rockabilly Disney Princesses

We kept the Rockabilly Disney vibe going, this time as the Princesses! Our friends Michelle and Laura joined in as well!

(Click on photo to see full size)

We have to say, these were probably the most comfortable cosplays we’ve ever adorned!

Jen: I would totally love to do this cosplay again if we ever get the chance to. We lasted all day in that and was comfy to boot!

Rach: Nothing will prepare you for when a child points to you, smiles, and asks for a photo. It’s magical. I really felt like a princess.


Unfortunately our fearless Captain Awkward  America had to fly back before she could join us for this cosplay. Still, great fun was had in our Marvel cosplay!

Jen: Gotta admit, it was fun to cosplay something other than our usual Disney Princess regalia. And to our surprise, Squirrel Girl was a huge hit!

Rach: Going through the Netflix experience as the ladies of Marvel was super fun. I felt so invincible as Ms. Marvel.

NC Extras

Aside from our cosplay and convention shenanigans we did get to have a little down time. Once we wrapped up at the D23 Expo, we spent a day in the land where dreams come true: Disneyland!

Off-Site SDCC Fun

We hope you enjoyed joining us on our adventures! What will happen the next time the NC gang reunites? Stay tuned, nerds!

Stay Nerdy!


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