Nerd Con: FanExpo Dallas 2018 Panels

Last week we attended some great Panels at Fan Expo Dallas 2018. Though there were many great panels to cover we were able to sit in on The Walking Dead, Susan Egan, Jeff Goldblum, Paige O’Hara, Jodi Benson, Pinky and the Brain, Stranger Things, and Linda Larkin. Check out our panel galleries and watch some of the clips we were able to get. There were so many great moments!

Because of the reverberation in the room and distance from speakers, I recommend watching these videos with headphones on, or on a television, as otherwise it may be hard to listen to the audio. Just be aware that there are moments in which the audience may get a little loud so watch your ears!

The Walking Dead – Austin Amelio & Tom Payne

This panel was a lot of fun! Austin and Tom are a couple funny charmers. Even Jen who is not a fan of The Walking Dead was laughing! They  talked about the difference in time it takes for Austin’s makeup vs Tom’s glorious hair flip. The guys also talked about various on-set antics such as people hiding in trees, which actor is most prone to spilling spoilers, who Austin’s favorite incarnation of Batman is, and what their video game character names would be to name a few topics!

The Walking Dead Panel

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Susan Egan

From her time on Broadway as Belle to her sassy non-Princess adventures as Megara, Susan delighted us with her storytelling prowess. Her humor and wit really showcased just how much she is like Meg.

Susan Egan Panel

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Jeff Goldblum

If you’ve ever seen any movie that Jeff Goldblum has been in, ever, you have somewhat of an idea of what he’s like in real life. He basically is his own real life character. Jeff is corny and funny and just so adorkable. Some highlights from this panel included moments such as the one in the video in which the moderator mentions a fan who posted a photo on Instagram of her with her Jeff Goldblum pillow and blanket. Apparently there’s also a shower curtain. Jeff expressed his desire to own said bedding. That’s Jeff!

Jeff Goldblum Panel

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Paige O’Hara

Paige shared her panel with dear friends Ray Benson and Linda Larkin. We had Belle and Jasmine together! Disnerd moment! Also, it just further proved that Paige epitomizes Belle, both inside and out.

Paige O'Hara Panel

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Jodi Benson

Ariel serenaded us. Yeah, we haven’t recovered. The hyperbole is necessary. And while everyone was gushing over Jodi (as you should), Roni and Rach were also gushing over her adorable family who were sitting in the row in front of us.

Jodi Benson Panel

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Pinky and the Brain – Rob Paulsen & Maurice LaMarche

Having met Rob and Maurice at FanExpo Vancouver 2017, Jen and Rach were in stitches yet again in Dallas. Our cheeks hurt from laughing still. And the bromance is strong between Pinky and Brain.

Pinky and the Brain Panel

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Stranger Things – Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, & Sadie Sink

The moderator was great, and the actors were great. For the most part there were some really good questions during this panel. For instance they talked about on-set pranks, their favorite moments about being on Stranger Things, and how much they’ve grown from Season 1. However, there were also some rather inappropriate and downright awkward questions and moments from some fans. The moderator was really good at rolling with the punches and averting these situations. Someone please protect these adorable nuggets of preciousness.

Stranger Things Panel

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Linda Larkin

Linda Larkin was our final panel. As you can tell she IS Princess Jasmine. Apparently her voice gets recognized in public quite frequently but sometimes people can’t place exactly how they know that voice. Linda talked about the process that led to her casting as Jasmine, how she worried she might lose the part since she couldn’t sing, and how she almost didn’t make it into the Aladdin cartoon series!

Linda Larkin Panel

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Photos and video clips just don’t do justice to the experience of attending the panels at Fan Expo Dallas. There is a lot of seating so chances are if you really want to see a panel you will get in but it is always best to show up to the lineup as early as you can, especially if you want seats with a good view. There are big screens on the side as well if your view is less than optimal. All-in-all I found the panel experience at Fan Expo Dallas to be well worth it. What were some of your favorite panel moments? Let us know!

Stay Nerdy!
~Jams and Rach

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