Nerd Con: Fan Expo Vancouver 2017

Despite the torrential downpour, Jen and Rach ventured to Canada Place for Fan Expo Vancouver 2017. Here is our fantastical recap from the convention!

The Panels

Panel 1: Arrow

fan expo vancouver arrow panel

Panel 2: Twisted Toonz

fan expo vancouver twisted toonz panel 1

Oh the hilarity… We wish we could have recorded this epicness but alas the only copy of the video has been removed from the interwebs. We’re keeping the link in hopes it comes back to life, Westley style.

Panel 3: Bones

Panel 4: Legends of Tomorrow

fan expo vancouver legends of tomorrow panel 1

fan expo vancouver legends of tomorrow panel 2

Photo Ops

Michaela Conlin and TJ Thyne

So many hugs were exchanged as well as a enthusiastic “King of the Lab!”.

Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche

It’s not everyday you get to meet the people that shaped your childhood and we still can’t believe we got the chance to spend a few minutes chatting with Pinky and Brain!


Between volunteering, enjoying panels and getting awesome photo-ops, we did manage to snap a few of the amazing cosplayers we ran into.

Stranger Things

Image 1 of 3

The 501st Legion

The Outer Rim Garrison

Image 1 of 7


David Yost

David is an absolute sweetheart and Jen couldn’t have been more happy chatting with him and getting her Blue Ranger Pop signed.

Shane Molina

While volunteering with the 501st Legion, Rach was introduced to the amazing work done by Star Wars artist, Shane Molina. And we couldn’t pass up a chance to pick up some of his artwork. Rach walked away with a print of her favourite sassy droid K2-SO while Jen picked up this gorgeous portrait of Leia.

Doug Savage

Over the years, Doug has become the go to artist we visit whenever there’s a nerd event here in Vancouver. Jen and I picked up a set of Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy books. Perfect for kids of all ages (including big kids like us). Also check out Doug’s Savage Chicken comics and other fun things here!

Final Thoughts

Overall, it was a rather relaxed and chill affair at FXV 2017. And while the line-ups were manageable (we scored some amazing seats for every panel we attended), we wished there was a bit more buzz and excitement that we normally feel at other cons. Also, the CW presence was out in force, but there could have been more of an effort to bring in guests outside of the Arrow/Flash/Legends realm.

Shout-out to the tireless volunteers who made FXV run so smoothly. You were the unsung heroes of this con.

‘Til next year,

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