Nerd Con: Fan Expo Dallas 2017 Cosplay & Exhibitors


What is one of the greatest highlights to any convention? The cosplay, of course! Fan Expo Dallas this past weekend was no exception. It was difficult to not want to document as much of it as possible. The plan was to choose our top ten, but that proved to be more challenging than anticipated.

Take a look through the gallery below, and let us know which one is your favorite!

Take My Money

Yea, what is my weakness at conventions? Nerd art and Funko Pops. It’s a problem nerds. I can’t resist a good piece of art. I have my usual suspects like Scott Straka, Jim Ferguson, Robby Cook and others, but I was happy to discover some new artists to add to my collection.

Scott Straka

A shout out to Scott Straka’s art and seducing me yet again, to purchase Eleven, Dustin, Sam & Dean, and Matt Murdoch.

Straka FXD17

Art by Scott Straka

Chetart : Chet Phillips

Chet was a rediscovery for me. I saw his quote prints at a previous show, but completely fell in love with the matchbox-style art he had at this show. Looking forward to seeing him at other conventions. Chet, I’m still hoping for those Game of Thrones prints.

chetart FXD17

Artwork by Chet Phillips

Jason Palmer Studios

Jason’s art is super rich with detail. I look forward to seeing him at both D23 & SDCC this year. You know me, I had to get this beautiful Evil Queen. I was promised a cast piece ready for D23/SDCC this summer. I’ll hold you to that Jason.

Evil Queen FXD17

Art by Jason Palmer

Below are some honorable mentions from the con!

Take More Money!

Outside of art, I fell victim to the awesome ThinkGeek booth, Truffle Cottage, and a grail Funko Pop. This was the epicness of ThinkGeek and their wares.

There were many great booths selling wares, but also many offering great experiences like the 501st. See below.

What can I say, this convention did a great job of gathering talented artists and exhibitors. Did you go to Dallas Fan Expo? What were some of your favorite artists or booths? Let us know in the comments below and give your shoutouts on our social medias!

Nerd On!

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