Nerd Con: Fan Expo Dallas 2017 Con Man

If you guys follow us, then you know these are some of our favorite humans. I was so excited when it was announced they would be coming to Dallas! We had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing PJ after SDCC last year, and he is just a lovely person. PJ, Alan, and Nolan deserve all the success. Make sure you check out the show and download the Con Man game, it is super addicting!

ConMan FXD17

Con Man

Check out a few highlights from the Con Man panel and watch the full panel below courtesy TWP.

  • Alan came up with Doctor, Cop, Lawyer while doing Firefly. Fillion thinks it’s hilarious Alan finally fit it into a project.
  • The end of Season 2 sets up Season 3 tension between Jack (Fillion) and Ray (Tudyk)¬†after Jack takes Doctor, Cop, Lawyer.
  • There’s a Spectrum Comic series, movie, book, and video game in the works! Busy guys!
  • Alan’s “bag of shit” made an appearance at the panel! As a Nerd HQ regular, this has me counting down the days until July!
  • Alan pitched a King Candy Vaudville album to John Lassiter. John thought it was a joke…

Thank you gents for being awesome!

Nerd On!

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