Nerd Con: Dallas Fan Expo 2017 #FXD17 Overview


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Dallas Fan Expo 2017 is always one of our favorite conventions in Texas. Fan Expo usually goes the extra mile to get top notch guests and maintain a level of organized chaos. Huge conventions are always hard work to put together, and I can’t say I’ve been to one that is perfect, but FXD 2016 was pretty close. If there was any madness, the public had no idea, and that is key. I was coming to FXD 2017 with pretty high expectations. Sadly there were a few scheduling hiccups and weather hindrances this year. Let’s take a look at some overall analysis of key aspects from the cooooooonnnn!


I could’ve sworn the exhibit floor was a bit smaller this year. It seems the ticket purchase and pick-up area was relocated and took up a section of the exhibition floor. This made the aisles significantly tighter and more difficult to move around. There were quite a few booths that I just could never get to due to the crowd. I’m glad the number of attendees was high, but it was a bit uncomfortable at times. That kind of “closeness” is expected from SDCC, but as a native Texan, and previous experiences at TX cons, I like my space.

Overall the floor was organized well. Exhibitors were along the right, Artists were central, and talent was to the left just before the photo-op area. Check out these crowds!


The talent was varied and covered multiple fandoms like The Walking Dead, Buffy, Star Wars, Anime, and many more.


I’ll be writing some additional posts on specific panels attended, and cosplay and booth overviews. Something I overheard more often than I anticipated from folks was that this was their first convention experience! I’m sure it was a bit daunting for some, but everyone was friendly, volunteers were great, the convention location is convenient to various eateries, and I hope they decide to go to more cons! The experience is like nothing else.

Thank you to FXD for another great experience!

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