Nerd Con: Dallas Fan Expo 2017 John Barrowman

Who never disappoints? Who has the most entertaining panels ever?

John Barrowman

His stories are always varied and entertaining, no subject is off limits, we can get as vulgar and silly or as heartfelt and serious as we want. John Barrowman is all about his fans, and we all love him for it.  Here are a few highlights from his panel, and if you haven’t experienced the John show, watch below.

  • John has dreamt of playing a Disney roll. Disney, can we make this happen please?
  • He loved the live action Beauty & the Beast and sang while watchinig.
  • The garage sale was a success! Everything sold, and no one abused knowing his address. All the money was donated to charity.
  • Favorite quote: “I gushed whovian all over the floor” when speaking about being cast.
  • Favorite quote: “Bitch fights for you guys” when requesting a full hour panel. This needs to be on a shirt.
  • Favorite quote: “Fandom Slut” when asked by a fan to be her fandom husband, he responds saying he prefers to be a fandom slut. This also needs it’s own shirt.
  • Favorite moment: John discussing the Facebook Jacuzzi video where his husband’s member made its debut.
  • Favorite moment: Seeing my friend Laura (the first interpretor) on stage with Barrowman. You can totally keep up and you rock.

See all of these awesome moments and more below.

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