Nerd Con: D23 Expo Cosplay 2017

Hello, DisNerds! 2017 was the year we finally got to attend the D23 Expo for the first time! There were many experiences (some positive, and some negative) which you can hear all about by listening to last week’s Nerds R Us. One of the things I loved the most about D23 was all the cosplay. DisNerds are serious about their Disney cosplay. If you don’t believe me just check out the gallery!

D23 Expo Cosplay 2017

(Click on photo to see full size)


There were so many other amazing cosplays at D23 including the Mousequerade. You can check out the full Mousequerade from


 Spectacular job to everyone who participated in the Mousequerade and congrats to the winners! If you haven’t had enough cosplay yet be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming showcase of our not one…not two…but THREE, yes THREE groups cosplays we put together this year, as well as highlights from our trip to Disneyland!

What were your favorites? Let us know!

Stay Nerdy!


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