Nerd Con: Comicpalooza Cosplay 2016

A nerdy convention is nothing without the amazingly creative folks and their killer cosplay! Cosplay is one of the most important at a convention as an attendee. I always look forward to seeing what people come up with. Comicpalooza was no exception! From Disney to Assassin’s Creed or the usual million Deadpools and Harleys, it is always a blast to photograph cosplayers.

While some of the photographs were taken throughout the convention, many were taken during the Comicpalooza Cosplay Contest Saturday evening. The contest was separated into four categories; beginner, intermediate, advanced, and skits. I’ve covered a few cosplay contests and they can be lengthy events, so an experienced moderator is usually recommended to keep the humor and energy up. This particular moderator was adorably cross-playing as the 10th Doctor. She made the wrong decision of trying to do a Scottish accent throughout the contest inconsistently, making it distracting and difficult to understand her. I know presenting is not easy, and she did her best.

Besides this detail, the cosplayers were great. Many really embodied their characters and would strut or innocently scamper across the stage. After a very long day, I could not stay until the end of the contest, but I wanted to share some of my favorites. There are loads, but I warned you, I love cosplay.

Cosplay for the Win

Cosplay Gifs

I had to make gifs of the below cosplays!

  1. Sharknado
  2. Iron-Man with illumination, a helmet that opened and closed, and other moveable pieces.
  3. Ursula owning the stage; I had to show her upside down to really bring her to life. lol
  4. This dude had a fully functional jaw and legit armor.
  5. Anna being Anna lol!
169lgk 169lvb 169m06 169mev 169mn4

Cosplay Skit

I had to share my favorite skit from Comicpalooza. Marvel vs DC rap battle featuring Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Batgirl and Spider Woman.

Props to all of you dedicated, cosplaying nerds! Thank you for being a fixture of con life! A special thank you to Mike Rodriguez for his photography skills!

Nerd on!

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 3.36.18 PM

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