Nerd Con: Comicpalooza 2016 Overview

Comicpalooza Birds Eye

This is only Artist Alley! Vendors extend further to the left and autographs/photo ops extent to the right.

Ah, a bird’s eye view of the con-life…it’s a beautiful thing. The buzzing energy of the vendor and artist alleys. Have you ever been to a convention? Some folks may find the lines intimidating, but many nerds can argue the overall experience is worth it. Comicpalooza is my 4th convention this year! Yes, I’m exhausted, but it was also a blast!

Comicpalooza Kate Line

This is Kate Beckinsale’s Autograph Line. Photo by Mike.

I’ll have multiple posts covering different aspects of the convention, but I wanted to give an overview. I had partners in crime at this convention, my buddy photographer, Mike Rodriguez, and his lovely wife Lizzie.

This was our schedule for the convention, and I’m proud to say we accomplished everything we wanted to do.

Comicpalooza StarWars

Star Wars photo opportunities.

Con Goals

  • Friday after work (on my own) – Walk artist/vendor alleys, photograph cosplayers, and visit the NASA booth.
  • Saturday (team NC) – Cover Eliza Dushku’s panel, Aliens Reunion panel, Podcast panel, Kate Beckinsale panel, and the Cosplay Contest.
  • Sunday (team NC) – Cover Dominic Cooper’s panel, Michael Rooker’s panel, Boondock Saints’ panel, and I spoiled my sister with a Norman Reedus photo op and spoiled myself with a Dominic Cooper photo op.
COmicpalooza Artists

View of an alley. Photo by Mike.


Overall I have to say the artists were varied and amazingly talented. Many of my favorite artists were present like local Ash Gonzalez, whose art was featured on the press pass. Other favorites like Cory Smith and Scott Straka were there as well. I will have more on them later. Vendors were also varied and it was difficult not to spend my money! Nerd life is expensive. From jewelry and house decorations to my weakness, Funko Pops! It’s a problem.

The alleys felt larger and more spacious. The convention’s first floor has been under construction, so I’m not sure if that was the reason. I really appreciated the setup. The food options were varied and separated the vendor and artist alleys. There was plenty of space for interactive zones for learning, makers and more.

Comicpalooza Overview

Nasa and Cosplay Oh My!


This convention covered my top 7 requirements for a successful con.

  • The volunteers were informed, accommodating, and friendly.
  • There were way-finding posters and an app that was kept up to date.
  • The panels and guests were so enjoyable!
  • There was no risk of claustrophobia in the alleys.
  • Many fandoms were represented!
  • The amenities were excellent, especially the food.
  • On a personal note, the press were treated better than I was expecting. It was very appreciated.

Comicpalooza Lighsabers

Do I recommend going to Comicpalooza? Yes! It’s my hometown’s largest convention. These things are a lot of work and it appeared effortless. That’s how you want a convention to appear. Like Disney World or Disneyland. You don’t want to see the truth behind the magic. Props to the Comicpalooza team for another successful convention. A hug to my blogger/podcast family. You all rocked it! A hearty thank you to my NC gals, for helping me and keeping me from going through exhaustion.

On a selfish note, thank you to Dominic Cooper and Norman Reedus for being lovely!

Comicpalooza PhotoOp

FYI, Norman smelled amazing! I asked Dom for a cuddle and he said “Absolutely, cuddle picture!”

Nerd On!
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