My Cosplay Top 10 on Youtube

When I am thinking about cosplaying a new character, I turn to YouTube. As a matter of fact I will spend hours OBSESSING over videos so that I can see makeup tutorials, learn how to make a particular prop, how to sew an outfit, or just to get an idea of how a cosplay has looked on several different people. It’s always a good idea to watch videos from multiple people because one person’s technique may work better for you than another’s. You can even combine techniques into 1 giant cosplay Franken-nerd experiment! I bring you, in no particular order whatsoever, my Cosplay Top 10 on Youtube!

  1. Glam&Gore


Mykie is on my list because she is one talented makeup artist! Beyond that she is also super cute and funny. Her channel does glam looks and gory looks, and she also teaches how to make props such as a horse heart and a fake tongue!

  1. Commander Holly


Holly has been seen on SyFy’s Heroes of Cosplay for the last couple of seasons. She also hosted the Guardians of the Galaxy Cosplay Contest at Nerd HQ in 2014. Her YouTube channel goes beyond cosplay but she has several videos in her cosplay class series, including her process of making the Rocket Racoon costume she wore to Nerd HQ/SDCC.

  1. Alyson Tabbitha


Okay, so this is currently the only video on Alyson’s channel but…come on! Can we talk about how amazing this Jack Sparrow turned out??? I truly thought she was Johnny Depp! I look forward to more videos from her.

  1. Evil Ted Smith


Ted has a lot of armor tutorials working primarily with foam with is great for those of us who can’t afford Warbla! I will definitely be utilizing his female body armor tutorial in the future.

  1. Vintageortacky


Okay….I had THE hardest time picking just 1 of Cora’s videos to feature for this article. So you should go to her channel and watch them all….seriously, watch. them. all. She has many different beauty looks that you can wear on a regular day but she also has many cosplay looks inspired by Disney, Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, Steampunk, and many other genres.

  1. Michelle Phan


Michelle is another YouTuber I had a hard time choosing just one video from. Again, she has many everyday makeup looks but she also has a great deal of cosplay makeup tutorials. I strongly suggest you run over to her channel…like, now!

  1. Mango Sirene


Her channel touches just about every aspect of cosplaying. She brings you shopping with her to JoAnn Fabrics to show you how she shops for cosplay; she vlogs about her opinion on many cosplay-related topics; she guides you on cosplaying at conventions, hotel room etiquette, how to deal with cosplay hate, and how to reach out to others in the cosplay community just to name a few.

  1. KMnomokis


Lopti is another talented cosplay makeup artist. She does mainly fantasy and sci-fi looks. She also cosplays some characters that are traditionally male such as Rumpelstiltskin (shown above) and Loki.

  1. Axceleration Cosplay


She has many cosplay tutorials such as her Sailor Scout uniform, many wig tutorials, and her ever so impressive wing tutorials such as this Hawk Girl articulating wings tutorial.

  1. Threadbanger


Threadbanger is loaded with many many many cosplay tutorials that will make your life easier. This is another instance in which it was difficult to choose just one video. So I chose Corinne’s video on easy costumes for badass ladies. Feel free to peruse through the channel for a variety of other cosplay tutorials.



You thought I was done didn’t you? I just couldn’t leave without mentioning Madeyewlook! Lex is an amazing body/facepaint artist. Girl doesn’t even watch Doctor Who and look how amazing her Weeping Angel turned out! Check out the rest of her channel, won’t you?

Well, that’s all for today nerds! Until next time, stay nerdy my friends.

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